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July 4th, 2009

[Jul. 4th, 2009|01:16 am]


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This whole pregnancy thing is shit. I ache, I feel gross, I can't eat, I'm starving, I cry about 40 times more a day then even I thought was possible... So here's the deal, right? I've resigned myself to having a kid. But I will pay someone whatever they want if they'll have this kid for me. Money, land, life free of misery... you name it.


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[Jul. 4th, 2009|02:39 pm]


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Who would like to sleep with me?
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[Jul. 4th, 2009|02:57 pm]


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Sylar )
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[Jul. 4th, 2009|02:59 pm]


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I am good.

I am damn good.
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[Jul. 4th, 2009|08:16 pm]



The criminals just keep getting stupider, and I just keep running out of champagne.

Oh, for my old life, and my Elan. I do miss that car.
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[Jul. 4th, 2009|08:59 pm]
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So this really isn't a joke/trick/or sabotage?
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