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July 5th, 2009

[Jul. 5th, 2009|12:49 pm]


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Claire Bennet )
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[Jul. 5th, 2009|01:42 pm]
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Hey hey Johnny!
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[Jul. 5th, 2009|05:14 pm]
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Hey unclemouse! (unless it freaks you out when I call you that and if it does you'll have to tell me what I should call you instead because I'm kind of used to calling you that but I don't want to if it freaks you out)

I'd call but I had coffee and I can't see the numbers on the phone and typing is easier when I'm buzzing anyway, and it's going to wear off soon and I'll take a nap, but anyway I'm writing to ask if you're still interested in helping me and Henniebutt do a set-to-music-but-still-spoken-word recording of Howl sometime. Maybe sometime soon.
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[Jul. 5th, 2009|09:22 pm]
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I'm pretty glad that no one made me into a 60 foot zombie, that would just be really really bad.

I'm feeling a bit restless? Or maybe just lonely I guess? I don't know. It was nice to help out getting rid of the zombies, but I miss my friends and I miss being.. normal.

Mostly? I just wish I could have a hug.
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[Jul. 5th, 2009|09:23 pm]
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I'm going for a walk.

A long walk.
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