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June 10th, 2009

[Jun. 10th, 2009|12:46 am]
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So... for anyone who hasn't heard and might happen to care, my father, Miniver, is in a rehab place in London. We don't know when he'll be leaving but...

Well, if anyone is wondering.
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|01:49 am]


[Current Mood |satisfied]

I am a father again.
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|09:55 am]
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I am DIGGIN' this whole Summer Break thing. No professors up my ass about papers and "failing for the second year", and all the partying one guy can handle! I mean, and I know you'll all agree with me when I say it, but sororitutes are sororotutes for LIFE!

Frylock, can you handle it? Can you handle that I am getting more play than you? Because I'm sayin' now. I can handle it. I'm handling it with one hand, while holding the phone in the other.

Oh hey baby, you ever wondered what flavor a shake is? Come here, Brandy, I know you want some of this.
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|11:47 am]

The guys in this world really give better tips than I'm used to. So much for needing another job...
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|11:52 am]
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It's much too pleasant outside recently. All those flowers, and not a single one of them deadly... Lurch would be mortified, to say nothing of what Grandmamma would think.

I'll never understand why most people enjoy such pleasantries. It's rather ridiculous.
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|04:26 pm]


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Moony. Why didn't you tell me that you have the least comfortable couch known to the wizarding world?
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|07:26 pm]


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[Current Mood |annoyed]

FUCK this.

As soon as the boss gets back, I'm taking a fucking vacation. And I'm not going to be sober for like a fucking month.
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[Jun. 10th, 2009|08:14 pm]
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Whoa, seems like I forgot to stop by and let the people know I've been around. I dropped out of the sky about two weeks ago. I know the whole deal, I was born here, you see.

My name is Sindre, but I'm sure everyone here will eventually call me Sin. If anyone needs anything, let me know! I know my way around this place, and all its oddities.
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