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December 24th, 2008

[Dec. 24th, 2008|03:17 am]



Now, I can officially agree that there is nothing better in the world than the feeling of becoming a father.

You may all feel free to shower us with baby gifts now.  She's kind of pink and chubby.  The best part?  She has Pepper's hair!
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|08:36 am]
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Hey, Winchester Clan.

You're invited to our party too, you know. Hell, I know one of you that won't pass up free food. This means wives and mothers, too.
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|11:01 am]


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Emmett, Rosalie, Renesmee, Malakai, and Shigure )
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|02:38 pm]
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My son's first Christmas that he'll remember...
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|06:19 pm]
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To everyone else celebrating Christmas alone this year, I'm raising my glass to you.

EDIT: People on the internet sometimes surprise me with their awesome. I've got an idea for people who think they have nowhere to go and no one to hang out with tonight.

[New York address] I'm opening the home I'm currently staying at to people who feel like they're in the aforementioned situation. While I know this is disappointing for some, please do not bring booze. There won't be any here. Also nothing that could get me arrested, I don't particularly like holding cells.
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|08:01 pm]


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I'm so glad that Hanukkah overlaps a little with Christmas this year! It makes it a lot easier to make holiday parties overlap. Speaking of which, Lucifer and I made way too much candy and far too many pies if someone wants something after they're with their family.
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|09:11 pm]

To all the Whovians:

Tomorrow, Christmas get together at the mansion [address]

If you need a ride, let someone know, there's plenty of TARDIS's to go on pick up trips.

Bring whoever you want.

Leave your sad, lonely feelings at the door. Please.
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|10:19 pm]

So, I got presents for. . . everyone.

At least everyone I've met.

They will be delivered as I get around to it. Before the New Year definitely.

For Emma )

For Wade )

For Shigure )

For Bruce )

For Doug )

For Brenda Annne )

For Lorna and Alex )

For Nate )
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|10:58 pm]



It's a Wonderful Life always makes me cry. M'such a girl.

Merry Christmas, all you celebratin'.
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[Dec. 24th, 2008|10:59 pm]

Oh, Christmas simply isn't the same without Pugsley's screams of terror floating down the halls, or Wednesday's malevolent laughter...

Still. They have Lurch, and Gomez. I'm sure they'll have fun with the additions to the play room.
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