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Jan. 10th, 2011


New beginnings

OOC: Tag Donna, open to anyone who might be in the HUB

It's mid-afternoon, and the Doctor is hurrying Donna towards the door to the tourist information office, a large grin on his face. He can't wait for her to see everyone, meet everyone, get back to some semblance of her old life. He's feeling a bit guilty that he can't just up and offer her the same old life, but they'll make do as they can until they track down his full Time Lord self. He walks, as usual, at a brisk pace along the edge of the bay, a spring in his step.

"Come on, Donna, keep up, places to see and people to meet. Or re-meet, I suppose, in some cases." He reaches the door and pulls it open, holding it for her. "After you, madam..."

Nov. 9th, 2010


Weirder than usual...

John leans against the railing outside the tourist office, squinting a bit in the fog of the morning. A bottle (mostly empty) dangles from one hand. He had just been thinking about finding someplace to sleep for a bit when the crude Rift detector in his wrist strap started dinging. He knew the first of the team ought to be trickling in soon, and maybe they'd want a hand with whatever it was. He lifts the bottle, taking another swig, wrinkling his nose and abruptly sneezing - spraying liquid. He frowns, and rubs at his watering eyes with his free hand. He's never had allergies before, but who knows what's hiding in this nasty fog?

Nov. 1st, 2010


Event: I'm seeing something funny...

The small, unassuming object, black and etched, fell through the Rift early one foggy morning. The Rift monitor registered the blip, but before the first alarm sounded in quiet of the Hub, the object shuddered. And then pulsed.

Invisible to the human eye, tiny spores exploded into the air and dispersed through the city.

The spores, it turns out, when breathed in will cause a temporary hallucinogenic effect. It affects each host differently.

(This event is open until the end of November. The mods have selected one hallucination for each character. You may thread here on this post or start your own plot post here on the community, where you are affected by the hallucinations. Remember that the object is out there! Someone should probably get it. As you thread, you’ll have to figure out what other people are seeing/thinking, and continue to work together despite the very real hallucinations everyone is having. Please email stillthedoctor@gmail.com for your assigned hallucination, and let’s have fun!)

Sep. 17th, 2010


[ooc: Tag Donna]

At the risk of becoming a creepy stalker, he’s been running into Donna a bit on purpose, more than once. They’ve met twice more in the bakery, once at the Castle, and once at the astronomy wing. It’s been grand, re-kindling their friendship, but he knows she’s wondering why he sometimes looks at her so sadly, even as he smiles.

Unbeknownst to her, but with a bit of help from her granddad (Good old Wilf, swiping Donna’s brush!) he’s gotten a sample of her DNA. Evaluation leads to the discovery that her DNA is still changing. That the regeneration energy has made hers look oddly like his. Not the slightly slowed aging, he doesn’t think, but there is definitely Time Lord in her very genes as well as locked in her mind. After his success with Jenny, he’s confident that if he can just get in her mind, he can sort it all out, bring her back without burning her brain.

Sitting on the steps, looking out at the Plass, he dials her mobile. “Donna! Hello! It’s John. Look, it’s a lovely day, and I’m at the Plass, you know, by the Millennium Center? Yes, that’s right. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d like to come…spend the afternoon with me? Maybe get some ice cream…” Once she says yes, he hangs up, looking around with a sigh. Once she remembers, she’s going to deck him for pretty much asking her on a date.

Sep. 6th, 2010


Beacon in the Night

Setting: Three nights after Owen came through The Rift.
Tag: Open to anyone

It was one in the morning and Owen stood against a bar surrounded by a group of women.  (At least, that is how Owen would tell the story later.)  There were two women standing with him.  They were "best friends."  One had stunning green eyes and a blazing head of  red hair.  Her name was Sara.  Her friend was a brunette with all sorts of highlights and low lights in her hair.  She was wearing a pair of blue contacts over her brown eyes and lots of makeup.  Owen had to think she was trying a little to hard to change her appearance.  The woman's name was Deena.

Aug. 28th, 2010


Intersting developments...

(OOC:Timey-wimey, pre-Master, concurrent to Handy & Ianto conversation here)

Rose is still harping on Jack about having to actually type up mission reports as she looks over Jack's shoulder to see the computer. It's all good-natured, really, but fun to rib him. As Jack types in something about herself and her Doctor, she thinks about her Torchwood and how all this manual work would have been done with voice recording as they drove back from a mission and supplemented with video from their personal cameras. All uploaded and transcribed by the system. "Can't believe typing actually seems old-fashioned to me..."

Glancing to the next monitor, showing the CCTV feeds, she notices movement. It's the Doctor and Ianto returning to the 'Visitors Office' looking rather chummy. She wondered where they'd vanished to. Rose is glad that the two of them are getting on, she knows it's important to Jack. Certain that Jack will want to know that Ianto and the Doctor are getting friendly, she pokes his shoulder, "Jack, you've got to see this."

Aug. 13th, 2010


Getting to know you...again.

[OOC note: For Handy and Ianto. Timey-wimey, takes place after Handy & Rose's arrival but before the return of Tosh/Master sighting.]

The Doctor has been watching Ianto. More specifically, the way Ianto watches him. He's gathered there's something he's forgotten, something lost in the transition, since they told him he'd presided over their wedding. He still knows Jack, has known Jack, but Ianto is all but a stranger. So when he decides to sneak out to the bakery (Rose is involved in some argument with Jack about Torchwood policies), he pauses in the Tourist Office.

"Ianto...I'm heading off to get a sweet treat at the bakery. Insane sweet tooth in this body, I best watch that." He smiles, "I'd...I'd like very much for you to join me. If you can, of course."

Aug. 10th, 2010



[OOC note: for Alice and Ianto; time period undecided as of yet]

The school term has ended, and with kids home from school comes needing to keep them entertained. Some parents find that tedious, but it's a relief for Alice to watch Steven herself. They've gone to the museum for the day; Steven pleaded to see the fossils again. Crazy about dinosaurs, that boy. If he knew about her father's pterodactyl...

That's not going to happen, of course, though on the subject of her father, he'd hinted to her in a phonecall that the museum's collection of vintage photography might just contain some shots of him. Studying the pictures is like a more interesting and slightly unnerving "Where's Wally?" She's trying to decide if a background figure is actually her father when she realizes that Steven has wandered off instead of staying at her side.

Silently cursing herself for focusing so much on the display instead of her son, Alice goes jogging through the museum rooms to look for him. She can hear the echoing of him calling hellos to someone.

Jul. 26th, 2010


Ongoing Archive Notes: Volume I-01



ALIEN ACTIVITY: Considerable and bad. Really bad. Though thankfully we also had a good alien-and-a-half on our side, too. Except I'm really, really worried for one of them. If the Doctor and the other Doctor can't sort out Jenny, I don't know what we'll do. I'm not expert in Time Lord anatomy. Well, not that area of anatomy. Or sadly any, but I'd love to do more studies, especially dual studies.

RIFT ACTIVITY: The good and lovely Jenny got used by the Master to do we-don't-know-what-yet to the Rift. Maybe the Doctor knows, but we were all in a hurry, so there wasn't time for one of his explanatory spiels. After all the Rift's been through lately, it can't end well. I only hope we can figure it out fast. And I hope Jenny will be all right.

SECURITY: Really must figure out how to keep anyone teleporting into the Hub uninvited, in particular how the hell to keep the Master out. I don't doubt he knows where we are after that Himalayas stunt.

STAFF: Technically Rose isn't staff at my Torchwood, busy with her own, but I'm thinking I'll unofficially second her without even telling her. She'd probably volunteer anyway. Probably made her Doctor's and my Ianto's lives flash with my driving to Jenny's rescue, but really, special circumstances. Anyone's daughter in danger calls for that sort of speed. Of course, they might argue that I always drive like that and thus it's not special. Let Ianto drive back from the warehouse for sanity and blood pressure's sake.

OTHER STAFF ISSUES: Still getting my head around John bringing Toshiko back to us, but my heart's very much around it already. That came out grosser than intended. Much as I'd love to have her back on the work side, I don't want to do anything to rush her getting used to life again. When she's ready and she asks, I'll gladly show her to her desk. We kept it hers. Also Owen's. I don't know if it's sunk in yet for her that he didn't come back, too.

      Capt. Jack Harkness.

For all that Ianto drives more safely than me (allegedly!) the boxes of the Master's equipment are still sliding around back there. My wriststrap's beeping away and I'm thinking of blaming it on the driving.

Jun. 9th, 2010


A Return of Sorts

Owen drew his gun as his head started spinning.

Jun. 7th, 2010


Gathering the posse...

He runs into the main hub, eyes wild and searching out the others. He looks very angry, and scared.

"Jack! Ianto? Rose? I know where he is...and he's got Jenny..." His face is dark, "He's done something to Jenny...we've got to go after her."

May. 25th, 2010


The further determining of is-she-or-isn't-she Tosh

Continued from here

As expected, John returns to the medbay not long after he left. Jack hears the "did you miss me" call, rolls his eyes, and turns his head to call back, "No! You'd have to be gone a lot longer than that." And seeing the blood on John's face, he opens up the drawer with the bandaging in it. "Want to get cleaned up while I configure it?"

He figures Tosh and Ianto have heard the commotion and will be expecting them back up at the sofa, but he wants the equipment ready to go first. And it wouldn't hurt to re-familiarize himself with it, too, so he can better answer any curious questions they have about it.

May. 16th, 2010


The Masters new friend

Apr. 19th, 2010


Earning redemption on your own terms

Against all odds, he is being given a second chance. Well, closer to fourth with Ianto, and he'd lost count with Jack. But this time he really means it. He's really trying. And he wants to do something for them, something to show how much he means it. A peace offering. A present.

So when the boys are busy, he makes a little time jump... )

Apr. 7th, 2010



He's told himself it's for their protection. )

Mar. 18th, 2010


SWF in search of ...

Though perhaps it was not a holiday of epic proportions, being in Wales always gave Donna a smile on her face. Half the time she didn't know why that was, but as long as it made her happy, that was all right by her. Her granddad was supposed to be getting some medal of honor in some ceremony or whatever and he'd told her to come along. That was just fine with her, it meant taking a bit of a break since she was in between jobs at the moment. Temp work had been slow over the past couple of months, and so she had to make herself busy, helping out her mother. That meant nearly tearing out her hair and trying not to hit her mother in the face with a frying pan. So far though, she had remained non violent. It was getting to be a close call, and this vacation was just what she needed.

A day or two later, and now here they were in Wales. There wasn't much to do here, and everything she had done, she'd done it before. All that touristy types of things. Instead she decided that this holiday was going to be spent mostly at the pub getting drunk and watching boys half her age. Because most of the ones that were her own age already had wives and only wanted her to be some kind of affair on the side. She'd been through a number of those recently. Men were pigs for the most part. That's why she was looking and not touching as it were.

After she and her grandad had got something to eat for lunch, Wilf decided that he was going to take a stroll and leave Donna to her own devices. And by that, he meant shopping. Since she'd meet him back at the hotel later, Donna headed down one of the avenues, looking for shoes and men and maybe a nice piece of chocolate cake that she could eat later on.

Mar. 15th, 2010


Closed to Jenny


Mar. 13th, 2010


There goes the neighborhood

The morning is a rather windy one, and John watches the water in the Quay churn, black and choppy. On the boat over from Penarth he had especially been missing the stabilizing field of a proper space vessel, and was glad he had not eaten anything yet. He tucks his arms further inside his jacket, hugging himself against the chill, as he turns his attention away from the water and onto the door down the way. He smiles to himself, stride confident as he approaches and then pushes open the door to find an office which appears empty. Glancing around at the obligatory maps and outdated pamphlets, his eyes also catch the slight sway to the beaded curtain beyond the desk, which tell that someone has gone through them mere moments before. Eyes moving along, he spies the old-fashioned bell sitting atop the desk and grins, eyebrow quirking up. One hand still safely tucked under his jacket (and on the hilt of a holstered gun), the other reaches out and taps the bell. Ding. And then again. Ding ding. Looking a bit bored, the hand continues to raise and lower in a steady rhythm. Ding ding ding ding ding.

Jan. 29th, 2010


The Masters Plan

Read more... )

Jan. 27th, 2010


The Arrival of the Doctor's Daughter

No good deed goes unpunished... )

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