January 2011



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Apr. 7th, 2010



He's told himself it's for their protection. )

Jan. 17th, 2010


No such thing as coincidence...

The Doctor drops Rose's hand, pulling away from her and Ianto as he races across the Plass. There is only one reason he can think of that he's feeling what he's feeling, and that the TARDIS is feeling what SHE'S feeling. His telepathic abilities may not be the same as what they were before, but he still knows...

Sure enough, ahead of him he can see Jack, standing by his ship, and beside Jack...he sees himself. In brown, of course, the brown suit, can't wear t-shirts, not him, and that coat, that wonderful coat. He really misses that coat. Pulling up along side them, where they stand looking at the TARDIS, he continues right past them to touch the ship, ignoring himself completely.

"Nononono, I'm right here, that's not me, I know, I know, he is, but...oh, you can feel her, too, can't you? Oh, that's new, isn't it? You can sense him because he's me and you can sense her because she's you, oh you clever little girl you..." He grins up at the TARDIS, and then abruptly turns around, smile gone as he regards his counterpart. He's known this would happen eventually, but he isn't quite mentally or emotionally prepared for it, not with everything he and Rose have had to work through to get to where they are now.

"Oh, it would figure, wouldn't it? All of bloody time and space and TWO universes, and we had to end up here and now and so did you. Of course you bloody well would, probably pulled you here ourselves. Well, isn't that just WIZARD."