04 October 2006 @ 01:27 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

A few important announcements from the mods today.

**Firstly, to those folks trying to join either the [info]teamangst_art or the [info]teamromance_art art comms, these are private PARTICIPANTS ONLY communities (as are the Winter Participants comms). You will NOT be allowed to join, unless you are either an Participant, an Alternate or Pinch-Hitter. In that case, you will also be INVITED. Please do not join or friend these communities unless you have been invited. Thank you!

**Secondly: we are now into our LAST WEEK OF THE GAMES! We anticipate being finished with our posting by Friday or Saturday latest (North America). After that, we will allow some time (possibly a week) for judges and fans alike to catch up on their voting and reviewing. Then we will close the polls, and tally up the votes for our Medal Ceremonies!

We will be posting a final list (76 entries!), for those who wish to go back and confirm and/or adjust their initial votes, and for the entries that were missed.

If you have any questions about the voting and judging process, please check out our many FAQs.

**Thirdly: during that time, we may post a pinch hit or two that may not have made it into the Games, and some interviews of Participants that have come in since the posting began. We will also be accepting Closing Games 'Drawbles' using the Games Prompts starting now, open to anyone, should you like to try to see your art posted here during the voting hiatus! Send them to snarry DOT mod AT gmail DOT com, list the prompts you have used, include warnings and ratings, along with the Angst or Romance theme. Have fun!

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the Games!
10 October 2006 @ 10:37 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

Today we are posting 2 wonderful pieces of art that were Pinch Hits for Team Romance. The Game Team Members eventually did get their art in, but we were lucky in that we had these waiting in the wing for an emergency. We would like to thank [info]majmunka for doing these both for us, and spotlight them today as part of our Closing Ceremonies.

Thank you, Majmunka! We would like to invite you to the next Snarry Art Games, for coming through for us when we were under the gun!

Title: Cuddling
Artist: [info]majmunka
Team: [info]teamromance_art Team Romance Pinch Hit
Prompts: Touch
Rating: PG13
Artist's notes: Thanks to my beta [info]guessless for her advices.
Archive/Usage Permission: Yes, just let me know please.
Dial-up Users beware of large image(s) under the cut.

Cuddling )

Title: His Very Own Star
Artist: [info]majmunka
Team: [info]teamromance_art Team Romance Pinch Hit
Prompts: Star
Rating: PG13, Nudity, NWS
Artist's notes: While his guards slipped away for a moment his favourite magazine changed from Potions Journal to Playwitch

His Very Own Star )

15 October 2006 @ 11:52 pm

Original poster: snarrymod

Most esteemed Contestants and judges:

With regards to the Medal Ceremony, the mods are currently taking shifts counting like maniacs, though it appears as if it will take a little longer to calculate than we originally anticipated. We will need a couple more days, as taking the time to weed out the null votes while calculating the averages for 228 questions, to then double-and triple-check for accuracy. But we will get there, slowly but surely, and have the winners announced VERY soon!

In the meantime, without further ado, a closing Games Drawble by [info]stellamoon!

Title: Animagi
Artist: Stella Moon
Email: stellamoon65 @ yahoo . com
Prompt(s): Animagi
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: G/none
Artist's Notes: Pencil and ink on paper, over top of a photograph background, which I then Photoshopped the heck out of.
Archiving/Usage permission (Only for AFTER the 2006 Snarry Summer Games are over): ask first

Animagi, a Closing Games drwable by Stella Moon )

13 October 2006 @ 02:17 am

Original poster: snarrymod

Another pinch-hitter, who came through for us in the last minute! Again, our Contestants were able to get their submission in at the last minute, but we very much appreciate the effort. For that, and for the unwavering support of all the artists in their endeavors, we would also like to extend an invite to the Snarry Games next year! Thank you, [info]dartmouthtongue!

Title: Severus Edax Rerum
Artist: [info]dartmouthtongue
Team: [info]teamangstart Team Angst Pinch hit
Prompts: One More Inch.
Rating: PG-13 (I think.)
Warnings: Non-con, Really fake-looking Blood.
Artist's notes: Inspired by a scene in my favorite movie "Irreversible" by Gaspar Noe. Beta'd by [info]zandrellia. Thanks to Mini TA, Concept, Shad and Red.
Archive/Usage Permission: Yeah. I mean, I'd be honored and shit.

Severus Edax Rerum )