10 January 2008 @ 08:25 pm
The Future of the Snarry Games Poll, PT 2  
Ok, then.

We have calculated the results of our poll(s), and the results are interesting.

Team Alternate Universe and Team Alternate Reality came out on top, with 37% of the total vote. Next closest was Team Romance and Team Angst at 24% of the vote. If we decide to go with AU vs. AR, rest assured that we will be using a clear definition for everyone.

We are still considering another option, which we are keeping under our hats, for now.

66% of you want the Champions to be identified or don't care either way.

Here comes the tricky bits. An overwhelming amount of you - 65%, want the Author and Artist Games kept separate, the same as 2006 and 2007.

However, there was a lot of interest for Art/Author collaboration - 83% would consider or be interested in a change of games to have both Author/Artist, especially if the mods assigned partners (75%).

Due to the extreme increase in fandom fests, and the overall lack of interest for them, if we do amalgamate the Games (have both Authors and Artists together) then the Games could run at an optimum time, when few others do.

Such as: July, for 40% of the vote.

So, before we announce or make any changes, we have one more small poll for you, to help the mods decide if we announce the 'Winter Author Games' this weekend for posting in the usual April/May, or if we hold off and announce a collaborative and/or mixed 'One Big Games' for the summer only.

Please let us know what you think, both as potential Champions as well as Spectators. Thank you!

Poll #827 The Final Countdown
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Winter Games/Summer Games or One Big Games?

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Winter/Summer, Author/Artist, as always. It works, who cares about the other fests?
68 (53.5%)

One Big Games! Shake it up, and post in June/July, when no one else is!
59 (46.5%)

If there is One Big Games, I would want:

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Artist/Author Collaborations, both teams - assigned partners
72 (59.5%)

Team Artists Vs Team Authors
3 (2.5%)

3 teams: Artists Vs Authors Vs Collabs
22 (18.2%)

Single entry Relays, no collabs, two teams
24 (19.8%)

Comments, suggestions? Thank you all for your excellent comments and points on our poll posts, they were very helpful in our quest to find answers and see what the fans prefer. We appreciate it, and will respond to every one shortly.