Daily Scans - October 10th, 2009

October 10th, 2009

October 10th, 2009
12:29 am


Meet the Power Company! Sapphire and Josiah Power Edition.
And here the last two introduction issues of Kurt Busiek's Power Company series. Started this quite some time ago but boy does school complicate real life so here I am and hopefully no one's angry I'm so slow. :D

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08:40 am


"my life is like a feather , my duty like a mountain"
This is Kamikaze 1946. It is the last book in the "Families of altered wars" series and deals with the American invasion of Japan "Operation Olympic". For understanding I have included the creators editorial (which were on the inside cover of each issue through out the series) so people can get a feeling for his intentions for the book and his alternate WW2 views :)

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10:19 am


Batman Year Three: Jason and Tim and Grief and Pictures

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05:25 pm


And now for something completely different - UK Weekly comics of the past..
In the UK, there was, in my youth and in some ways to this day, a thriving, and very different comics industry to the US one, or even the mainland European.

Split between boys and girls comics, the former were just as likely to be slapstick comedy as adventure, and the latter were somewhere between romance comics and mild domestic dramas. Stories were one to three pages long, often episodic and could run for decades (Usually reserved for the comedy stories)

Recently, a UK newspaper produced, as a giveaway, reproductions of various UK comics from the 1970's and 80's. I'll feature some samples from these in a series of posts.

First up is the footballing (eg what everyone on the planet other than Americans calls football eg soccer) legend which is

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09:33 pm


Just a bit more Wonder Woman fanart

(Contains a spoiler from Red Robin #4)

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10:03 pm


"To see a robin in a cage, puts all heaven in a rage"
Though Ogden Nash had never met Damian Wayne so I don't know if that was a FIRM belief.

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