September 28th, 2018



Another Quickie FYI

We've finally gotten around to updating the game pages. (yay!)

Here are the characters fading into the background (boo!):

Ashley Bradley
Trevor Danko
Adrianna Maye
Kendra Cook
Tyler Danko
Kerr Holden
Domino Maddox
Sumi Akio
Katherine Branson
Kara Langly
Cascada Vela

Elias Farrell (Since the player didn't give us a direction for him, we're going to go ahead and say Mr. Farrell had some medical issues he didn't want cured by magic (sorry, John) and had to stop teaching. He will be missed and the staff wish him well.)

Curriculum notes: Combat Magic class has been removed.

On a happier note! The mods are putting together a surprise to celebrate the game's FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on October 7th! And here's to another five years! 🥂

The Mods

[EDIT] Found! P.S. We need two volunteers to [REDACTED] in the upcoming game plot. First come first served >:] Comment below to sign up your character.