Jan. 14th, 2008


Stories, Stats and Thanks!

I'd say that with forty-one stories by eighteen writers in nineteen fandoms we can call Round One of the Porn Battle a success! Yays! *\0/*

The three top fandoms were Stargate (SGA & SG1), RPF and Final Fantasy (all versions). The three most prolific writers were...um...well, two of your mods--[info]helens78 and [info]telesilla--and [info]rosehiptea and [info]lisaroquin (tied). Below is a list of links to the stories sorted by fandom and then more stats for those who are interested in the nitpicky details.

You are now welcome to post your stories wherever you like. I'd appreciate a link back or at least a mention of the comm because it's only fair to the people who offered the prompts and also because I'd like to get the word out about the comm so that next time we have more prompts, more writers and more stories.

I'll be putting up a post with the dates and our plans for the next round shortly and in that post, I'll ask for suggestions and feedback on the actual mechanics of the porn battle process.

I'd like to thank everyone who offered up prompts, everyone who wrote, [info]helens78 and [info]salixbabylon for all their help, and [info]darkrose for listening to me go on about it.

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Seriously, you all rock!

Jan. 10th, 2008


Prompt List; Round One!

Please remember:

You must put the prompt in the subject header of your comment. If the prompt is too long give me at least the fandom and pairing and as much of the rest as you can. This is so that at the end of the round, I can link back to your fic on the master list.

Also, I had to make a big modly decision about the RPF section. I took out the subgenre names like Lotrips, or bandslash and so on. My reasoning, let me show you it:

I really do figure that if you don't know who the people are, you're not going to write to the prompt. And since I hadn't asked for a particular format with RPF, we had all kinds of formatting issues--some people had explained which fandom people were from and some hadn't--so in the end, I went with pure alphabetizing. If this is a real problem for people, we can change it next time; I'm going to ask for suggestions after the battle is over.

Also, although this is alphabetized by name, I didn't make any changes in names or the order of names in a pairing--for example, you could have Bean/Viggo, Viggo/Bean, Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean or Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen. So I would suggest that, if you're looking for a particular character, particularly in RPF, you use your browser's "find on this page" function.

If for some reason I missed your list of prompts, let me know and I will add it in.

Now go out there and write some porn!

And now, get ready to ruuuummmmble! )

Jan. 7th, 2008


Round One: Call For Prompts!

Okay, this is the post where you offer up prompts for Round One of the Porn Battle. Prompts may be slash, both m/m and f/f, or het or threesomes or moresomes. Fandoms may be any fandom you can think of; both FPF and RPF are allowed.

Please follow the format of the examples listed below; it will make it much easier for us to post the final list. You may offer as many prompts as you like; the idea is to give people a lot to choose from.

Fandom/Fandoms (spell out the name of your fandom), Pairing/Moresome, prompt word(s), prompt lyrics (totally optional)

Lotrips, Viggo/Dom, fatigue
Stargate: Atlantis, John/Rodney/Ronon,Teyla, outsider, I am just a poor boy/though my story's seldom told
Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla/Keller, readiness
Crossover Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG1, Elizabeth/Sam, fruity umbrella drinks
Crossover Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural, Buffy/Sam/Dean, competition, Anything you can do/I can do better/I can do anything/better than you
Real Person Fiction, Jude Law/Ewan McGregor, domesticity isn't pretty

If you have any questions, please ask, otherwise:

Let's get this party started! You have until late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning to leave prompts. The prompts will be posted Thursday morning for your consideration and inspiration.

And yes, you may cheat and start writing porn based on prompts as you see them go up (more than one person can write to a prompt) but you can't post until the list goes up on Thursday.

Have fun!

ETA: Because it's late and I wasn't thinking, I reserve the right to make a change to the examples and the prompt format; I'm now asking people to spell out the names of the fandoms. Sorry about this, but it's all designed to make it easier on the mods and on the writers.

ETA 2: Oh yeah, there are still a few bugs in the system. [info]helens78 asked that people put "crossover" before the fandom names. If' you've already listed a crossover, don't worry about doing it again; we can sort it out.

As of now (midnight Thursday) the prompt phase is closed.