May. 12th, 2009


Master List for Round Six

And here is the Master List for Round Six. COngradulations everyone! There were 134 drabbles turned in. If anyone is interested in the other figures, such as most popular fandoms and most smut author, I'll get to those either tonight or tomorrow.

So now, read, comment, and enjoy the smut.

EDIT: If I managed to miss your drabble, I'm sorry. Leave the drabble prompt and if possible, the link to it in a comment to this one and I'll fix that ASAP.

Round Six Master List )

See you in July!!!

May. 4th, 2009


Round Six prompts T-Z, Crossover, and RPF

Next part. Fandom, Characters, Prompt. You have until May 11 to get all of the drabbles in.

T through Z, Crossover, and RPF )


Round Six prompts M-S

Next Part. Fandom, Characters, prompt. You have until May 11 to get all of the drabbles in.

M through S )


Round Six prompts F-L

Next Part of prompts. Again, it's Fandom, Characters, prompts. You have until May 11 to get all of the drabbles in.

F through L )


Round Six prompts #, Symbols, A-E

All right. These are going up tonight because I have to work tomorrow. *grins* I'm going to be breaking up the prompts because there are so many, and RPF is going at the end before crossovers.

You have until May 11 to get all of the drabbles in. Then I will make a master list as soon as I can, probably on my next day off from work to get it fully done depending on how many of you write. So have fun, enjoy, and let the porn flow....

Again, it goes Fandom, Characters, Prompt

0-9 and Symbols, A through E )



HOLY COW, y'all! I'm still collecting and organizing, but we have easily broken the 1,000 prompt mark. WONDERFUL! :-)

I'll finish getting them together today, then send them over to [info]ladynero so she can post them tomorrow.

May. 1st, 2009



Hello, I am Jennifer, your Virgo/OCD/insane person who is in charge of collecting and sorting prompts for this round. In order to help me not screw this up too badly, please look at the following tips:
1) Please type out the full name of the fandom. There's a very good chance I don't know it. :-)
2) If you're prompting for a crossover, please type it like this - Crossover: fandom/fandom - so they don't get mixed in with other things.
3) We do accept RPF, please be sure to type the person's full name/stage name/whatever. Again, there's a good chance I'll have no idea who you're talking about and won't know if it's wrong.

For your information, I come from a long line of English teachers, newspaper people, and pastors. Therefore, I am quite the stickler for sorting things the correct way. So fandoms that start with "The" (IE The Chronicles of Narnia) will be filed under the word that comes AFTER the The (Chronicles of Narnia, The).

I'll close off prompts when I wake up on Monday the 4th. On Tuesday the 5th, I'll post the prompts and y'all get started with the good stuff!