Jan. 1st, 2011


Round Thirteen Master List

*sheepish cough* As round fourteen begins, I present you with the master list of round thirteen. Thank you all for your patience, and I apologize for the delay.

There were 15 fics, across 9 fandoms. Feel free to tell me if I missed anything!

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Apr. 8th, 2010


Round Eleven Master List

Many Many apologies but real life got *crazy* and I almost forgot about making the list!

Master List )

SOmething else I've been thinking about. The participation is down a bit more the last couple of Rounds. Would it be more beneficial to everyone if we started doing every two months instead of every other month? One of the other mods pointed out that the every other month kept it falling on other busy times. Especially for students.

If we go every two months, the schedule would be as follows: January, April, July, October. Leave a comment here on your feelings about shifting it to allow that extra month.

Jan. 19th, 2010


Round Ten Master List

My apologies for taking so long in getting this put up, but RL has been crazy and stressful.

So, without further adeu The Porn Battle Master List for Round Ten )

And for the Anonymous that decided to post the FMA fic last night instead of in the time frame, sorry, it's not getting posted due to the main rule of the battle. Which is post in the time frame given, not nearly a week after it's ended.

Nov. 12th, 2009


Round Nine Fic Master List

We ended up with a grand total of 57 fics across 41 fandoms (five of which were crossovers). Thank you so much to everyone involved for participating in this round's Porn Battle!

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Sep. 15th, 2009


Master list and thanks

Thanks to everyone for making my inbox happy! ;-) Lots of really good stuff this time around.

Master list, by fandom )

Thanks again! See y'all in November!

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Round Seven Fic Master List

We had a grand total of 56 fics for this round! Not our larget total, but still a rather respectable number.

Round Seven Fics )

Most Written Fandom: Final Fantasy VII, with 8 fics
Most Prolific Authors:
1: [info]icedark_elf with 7 fics
2: omorka-fics.livejournal.com with 6 fics
3: [info]katekintail and monochrome-song.livejournal.com with 5 fics

Jun. 30th, 2009


Much Apologies and Round Seven Prompts Request

Many many apologies for not more notice but I got distracted moving into a new house with the Hubby. So, with that out of the way:

The next round of Porn Battle Prompts is open!!

That's right. From Now until 12:01 am on July 8th, we'll be collecting your prompts. Mostly because of the Fourth of July weekend when everyone's got plans. [info]aikonamika will be sent the master list on the 9th for your porny writing.

So send me your prompts!

Edit: You have one last day to get all of your prompts in! I will put a final post in the comment section when the Prompts is closed. This will be 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time.

May. 12th, 2009


Master List for Round Six

And here is the Master List for Round Six. COngradulations everyone! There were 134 drabbles turned in. If anyone is interested in the other figures, such as most popular fandoms and most smut author, I'll get to those either tonight or tomorrow.

So now, read, comment, and enjoy the smut.

EDIT: If I managed to miss your drabble, I'm sorry. Leave the drabble prompt and if possible, the link to it in a comment to this one and I'll fix that ASAP.

Round Six Master List )

See you in July!!!