January 1st, 2010

[info]aikonamika in [info]porn_battle

Round Ten Prompts Collection!

Prompting is over! I'll have your prompts off for posting as soon as possible. Let's see about trying to set a record!

It has begun! Please list your prompts here. You will have until the morning of January 4th to get them in, and then they will be collected and posted for your porning enjoyment.

And now, a few reminders:

NO ABBREVIATIONS There's a very good chance we don't know the fandom, so putting down FF7 instead of Final Fantasy 7 will get a finger shaken at you.

If the title has the word "The" in the begining, such as The Dresden Files, put it at the end of the name - Dresden Files, the - or just leave it off entirely.

All prompts need to be in the following format including punctuation: fandom, character/character, prompt. This is to keep everything in nice neat order since Excel spreadsheets (where we organize thses things) does differentiate between commas and colons. If a colon is part of the fandom name, that's fine. If you're using one to separate the three parts of the prompts, please don't.

Numbers in the fandom name: Especially for the Final Fantasies - use the Roman numerals, so Final Fantasy 7 would be Final Fantasy VII. Again, this is to keep everything organized and straight.

Once more, all prompts need to be in the "upper" comment posting. If you think of some other prompts you want to toss out there, then post again. There's nothing that says you only have to post once.

Crossovers and Real people fic are the following formats:
Crossover, fandom/fandom, character/character, prompt
RPF (profession), person/person, prompt

Thank you for your patience!