[closed / backdated to early evening day 165 ]
07 May 2012 at 02:13 pm
Allen Walker
[after speaking to Sentience, Allen and Zelgadis head back to the latter's place in preparation for an all-you-can-eat dinner. that is a glorious proposal when you eat as much as Allen, and even moreso when the final guest is Saber, and Allen hasn't eaten Zel's cooking before, so it's a win all around~]

[and it's a nice respite, from everything that's been going on lately, and a chance to see some of his friends, and hopefully relax]

[a win all around, and he's looking forward to it]
01//Fireball [video]
07 May 2012 at 06:53 pm
[Turning on the communicator was the absolute last resort for the spectacular sorceress known country-wide as LINA INVERSE.

And it's quite apparent, when you look at the state of the room she woke up in. Luckily, no scorch-marks on the wall or burnt upholstery can be seen, but for what Lina lacked in firepower, she made up for in pure rage and destruction.

Lamps are broken. Tables thrown over. Pillows ripped of their stuffing and mattresses gnawed at with angry sorceress fangs. That little 'welcome basket'? Its contents are spread out everywhere around the room, as though the basket itself exploded. (Except for any snacks that were in there, Lina stopped mid-rampage to snack on those, thank you very much.)

Now, glaring into the feed, red-faced and heavily panting, is one. VERY pissed. Red-head.]

[ The 166th Day ]
07 May 2012 at 07:41 pm
Good morning, everyone! Today is the 166th day of the third generation. It will be cool and clear, and a few new inmates will be arriving in the facility. Please help them to get adjusted, but try not to let your daily routines be too unsettled.

[Today's warden appears to be camped out in Sector 5, where it's playing with a ball, bouncing it against the wall and catching it on the rebound. The artificial sunlight of the dome is strange in the video, but it's clearly bright enough for an informed viewer to see that Sentience is working on its reflexes. Any inmate going to Sector 5, however, will find no wardens and no noteworthy balls left out of play.]

I am currently considering several options to create more activities for inmates, and to engage everyone in different ways on a regular basis, but I don't have a concrete proposal as of this time. Please provide any of your own ideas if you have them, but otherwise, know that I'm working on it!

Today I have requests for Kohran Li, Gamzee Makara, and Daniel Osbourne. Please ask any robot at the shelter, and they can retrieve them for you!
[Video|Action|Text // open to all ]
07 May 2012 at 07:53 pm
[A young teen has left the hospital wing, journeying off to the computer lab. He has been poking around the available databases. One catches his eye. The Criminal Database. It would be useful to know about everyone around him.]

[He begins a videofeed: ]

Greetings, monsters. Or humans, whatever you want to be called. I see a computer- with further reaching arms than Mother- has collected you. Why it does this instead of partial genocide is beyond me. I will not question it for now. It is perhaps there are no innocent humans.

However, as a minority, I feel you should each inform me of what kind of monster you are! It is only fair, right?

[[OOC: If you choose to respond to Cain, he will use your name from the communicator to retrieve your age and crimes to be viewed publicly. You can post them under whatever you say to him, or I can drag it up. ps this has been mod approved]]
[video] ✦ Open
07 May 2012 at 08:01 pm
[The first thing that becomes evident is that Zatanna's been crying. Maybe not since she arrived. But for quite some time before then; her eyes are red and puffy, and she seems to have momentarily lost the aura of confidence that usually came with every smile. A smile she's forgotten.]

This...has to be some mistake.

I mean I know I--


[She takes a deep breath, collecting herself. Steadies her voice.]

There must be somebody I can talk to. I can't stay here. I need to go home. I need to make it right.

PHASE=01 [Video]
07 May 2012 at 09:03 pm
Kira Yamato
[You may hear the rapid tap-tap-tap of computer keys being pressed. Or rather, what you may hear is a buzz of clicks that would be said keys being pressed at a ludicrous and frankly inhuman speed.] No way... there's no way any of this can be right--!

[As he's speaking, the video flickers on - it seems he's activated the feed without realizing it. A young man with shaggy-looking dark brown hair is hunched over a local computer terminal typing so fast that his fingers are quite literally blurs. Every so often, he'll pause and listen to the output on the communicator; it seems that he's trying to hack it - or something.]

[He's mumbling to himself.] Modulate the frequency to a shorter wavelength, maybe? No, if it's underwater, then there'd be too much signal degradation, and the encryption... but if this could operate in pulsed bursts then maybe it might have the power, and...

[A pause, and when he speaks his voice is louder, and more urgent.] Hello? Hello! Archangel, do you read me? Archangel! [Nothing. More rapid-fire typing.] Can anyone hear this? ZAFT, ESF, or Orb, please come in!

[Typity type.] Those channels aren't working, then... ah, personal communications, maybe? It's worth a try. [Typing!] Athrun, Cagalli! ...Lacus?

Can anybody hear me?
[video] open
07 May 2012 at 11:15 pm
Peter Parker - friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
[The world is upside down!

Actually it's just the camera angle. But it's focused on a certain blue and red superhero who is juuust pulling the mask down over his chin as the video feed starts to roll. You totally just missed seeing his face you guys. He gives the camera a little wave.]

Been meaning to get up here. View's preeeetty swell if you ask me. [Camera stuck to the side of the clock tower, Spidey moves out of the frame so the sight can be admired by all.] Great place to eat breakfast and chill. Meditate maybe, if it's your thing.

If you can get up here, of course.

Rogue, I'm free of the chain gang now so anytime you're free... I hear the lunch service up here is just as fantastic. You don't even have to tip.