[ Official Marina Calendar!! ]
03 September 2011 at 10:55 am
Guess what we've got for you guys! It's a present! A great big delicious...

The Marina Asylum calendar~!

This calendar will contain our monthly activities (the AC and the app dates) and in-game events: for instance, as you can see, it currently has on it the talent show, the prom, and the upcoming baseball game! All events will be listed on the Monday of the dayweek of the event, so that people can most easily see how busy each week will be and plan accordingly.

Generally speaking, this calendar will include any IC plans that are gamewide or that are going to be open for mingle interaction, and OOC notes for canon updates; it will not include events that are private or closed, or that are regularly-scheduled. So here's some examples:

Would be on the calendar:
  • Acumen's Thanksgiving celebration.
  • Jennifer's Christmas party.
  • Fourth wall event.
  • A big official baseball game.
  • Holy crap the power went out!!
  • Defense force social.
  • Venom attacks a dozen people.
  • Komui gives everyone cat ears.
  • Flynn's "Everyone he knows, Yuri knows, and who passes by" birthday party.

Would not be on the calendar:
  • Sewing club meetings.
  • Baseball practices.
  • Philosophy classes.
  • Nena attacks Nakama.
  • Flynn's private birthday party with only like three people invited.

Posts that are gamewide mingles or events, or which may disrupt the IC activities of a large number of characters, require mod contact; during which a mod will put it on the calendar. Posts that are smaller-scale or regularly-scheduled do not require mod contact, do not need to be put on the calendar, and can be put up whenever you like.

Ask questions here, or offer suggestions if you have any! We'd love to hear from you!
full drop
03 September 2011 at 11:43 am
Sad to say, but Nakama and Kaworu will be leaving the dome for now. I need to do a drastic declutter of my life and work on me for awhile, and I really don't want to run another character into the ground because of my emotional state. Better to step away and bring them back in form when I'm feeling better.

I'll miss y'all while I'm gone, but don't think you've seen the last of me <3

Also, if anyone wants their plurk to remain RP central, please feel free to remove me. I enjoy talking to you all and would love to stay in touch that way, but I'll understand.

maddie out <3