March 28th, 2017



Witch Hunt: A Harry Potter RPG




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In 2004 a new threat rises up against the wizarding world. It's not a new Dark Lord. It's not a foreign power. It's the Muggle world.

The scientific and technological advances in the Muggle world have allowed governments across the world to spy on wizards. The spells that worked so well against people aren't effective against CCTVs, satellite imagery and mobile phones that record everything. Governments are intent on capturing and studying wizards to harness the power of magic for their own purposes. No where is safe.

The British world responds by becoming more insular than ever. After the Muggles destroy Diagon Alley, new villages are created to keep everyone away from Muggles. Spells are researched to counteract technology. In the meantime, magic around Muggles becomes lethal. Finding and keeping away magical beasts and beings is paramount. Can they find a way to defend themselves before Muggles take over the magical world?


* Gameplay is set in 2004
* Plot Focused
* Minor characters welcome
* World building encouraged

Game Starts April 1st, 2017.



Veiled World - Actively recruiting Vampires & Hunters


Veiled World - Open since January 2016

The supernatural is all around us, vampires and werewolves live next door to you and to be honest, your senator's likely a vampire, incubi and merfolk serve you coffee in your favourite coffee shop . That alternative looking woman that runs the herbal shop down the road? She's a sixth generation witch. The bank manager that sort of weirded you out but looked excited when you handed over your family jewels to put in a safety deposit box? Yeah... good luck getting that back: you just handed grandma's gold to a dragon.

The Supernatural Government kept peace for years, brokering a tentative peace between all of the supernatural races and making sure that they stayed out of the light, as it were, out of sight. Ten years ago, a number of the elected officials were executed, assassinated by an unknown party. The peace that had been on a knife's edge was shattered and now the supernatural world is at war within itself. It's an underground war, fought with polite words and veiled threats, but a war all the same.

With a recent surge in the death rate in the city, and an increased reporting of ghostly sightings all over the state there's more going on than meets the eye. Between the possessions and the mass- induced hallucinations that are plaguing human kind and sudden increased tensions between the werewolves and vampires, with malcontents on both sides stirring the pot to cause whatever trouble they can, maybe it's time to start thinking that what was initially thought to just be a war within the supernatural world isn't as simple as was first thought... Perhaps there's a bigger threat out there that they need to face.

Welcome to the war.
Can you survive?

Whose side are you on?
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