April 12th, 2013

[info]nojewfrohere in [info]immune_ic

WHO: Toby and Silas
WHEN: April 12th, 2020; afternoon
WHERE: One of the guard towers.
WHAT: Talking and stuff.
RATING: Medium (probs)

Yeah, it was a little reminiscent of the sessions in rehab, but he thought that was kind of the point. )

[info]reapinghavok in [info]immune_ic

WHO: Leah and Vienna
WHEN: April 13, 2020; morning
WHERE: Roof of the admin building
WHAT: Lil' bit o' yoga, lil' bit o' advice-sharing, and a lil' bit o' false labor.
RATING: Medium, maybe.

° o ° O ° o ° O ° o ° )