September 7th, 2012

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X-Project - Mutants Wanted!

Your Muse: XP's cast of lots.
Muse wanted:
Student Sue Storm would love to see her little brother Johnny Storm at the school.

Scott Summers and Lorna Dane are missing Alex Summers

Wanda Maximoff could always use her brother Pietro Maximoff for mutual tormenting.

And there’s plenty of other unplayed socks looking for homes!

Community: [info]x_project/ X-Project
Fandom: X-Men movieverse (X1 and X2 specifically)
Canon: X-Men movies and comics - we do a blend of most Marvel property, put through the 'realism' filter of the movies.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Movie
PB: Anyone not on this list.
Contact via: (PM, comment, ect)
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Watchers, Please...

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Hear my prayer...

Lore + Setting
Noble Houses
Character Types
Church of the Creator
The Keeper's Minions
Format, Languages, & Calendar
Cast + Holds
Wanted Characters + Lines
In the beginning, there was only the Creator. And She created the world; its lands and seas, peoples and beasts. She created the Keeper, to rule over the dead. She gave the world to her people, whom She loved dearly, to do with what they would. The people multiplied, forming their cultures and societies, and were faithful to the Creator. And when there were many, the Creator made the Watchers: lesser deities to watch her people and report. You see, there are simply too many people for the Creator to keep track of, too many prayers to answer. The Watchers watch, and tell Her what her creations need.

But they speak in His ear, too.

She gave the Watchers free will, and perhaps that was Her greatest mistake. Not every Watcher is good. Not every prayer is answered by the Creator. The Keeper speaks to the Watchers, too, and He does not want for good in the realm of the living. He wants only to rule all, with the death of all things.

You, the player, are a Watcher, and the choice is up to you. Will you do good or evil? Which prayers will you answer? Which side are you on?

Watchers, Please is an original high-fantasy game in a medieval setting where the players themselves are the gods. You are a Watcher. Characters pray, and players submit requests. Every week, players will vote on which prayers and requests will be answered – and by whom, and how. How do you want to rule? Only one thing is certain: characters should be careful with what they wish for.

Re-opening September 12th! Now accepting applications!