July 20th, 2012

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The Supernatural Next Door


There has always been a struggle between good and evil and right and wrong. But what happens when the good and the evil can't so easily be deciphered. Is there a little evil and a little good in everyone?

The Police officers of the Palisades Police Department are quickly discovering that the differences in supernatural races aren't being represented the way that they should be. Supernatural men and women have been getting a bad rap and haven't been receiving the rights that they should. When Detective Jason Richards decides to form The Supernatural Crime Unit will it be received with open arms or will more problems brew?

Come join in the fun at The Supernatural Next Door.

Now accepting more police officers and future members of the SCU!

Game has been going strong since August, 2011.
Most Wanted: Business owners, vampires, elementals, brothel workers, teenagers, musicians, police, firefighters, anti-supernatural people, 'evil' characters, older characters (30+), bartenders, bouncers, teachers, principals, members of the supernatural alliance organization, college students.