July 21st, 2012

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An alternate universe. Jean Grey and Charles Xavier perished at Alkali Lake. Scott Summers has left the Institute and it is unknown if he will return. Ororo Munroe is tasked with returning the Institute to what it once was.

Focusing on the school. The students and staff have shut out what they can in order to focus on their own thoughts and feelings. We are focused on them as they try to cope with the changes.

Story is what matters here. Character drama is fun and we're looking for fun. Let's all have a great time and not worry too much about the details.

[info]xemplified: have a little fun.

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WMHS is a Glee role play game that has been going strong for the last eight months and is looking to expand its talent base. If you are interested in writing with active, dedicated, funny and friendly people who love Glee and the characters associated with the show as much as you do, our small group may be right up your alley. We need: Sam Evans, Artie Abrams, Joe Hart, Mercedes Jones, The Warblers: Thad, David, Flint & Wes, Will Schuester, and Emma Pillsbury.

With the amazing success of The Glee Project, as well as our graduates heading in different directions, we are looking to grow in a more artistically freeing direction. If you enjoy writing original characters, try your hand at one of the Glee Project (past and present) cast members like SEASON I: Cameron Mitchell, Hannah McIalwain, Marissa von Bleicken, Matheus Fernandes, McKynleigh Abraham, Emily Vásquez, Ellis Wylie, Bryce Ross-Johnson and SEASON II: Nellie Veitenheimer, Charlie Lubeck, Tyler Ford and Dani Shay.

Or if you would like to explore something a little more challenging and meaty character wise, we are actively looking to fill the roles of: Chandler Kiehl, David Karofsky, Wade "Unique" Adams, Trevor Phillips, Harmony Pearce, Cassandra July, David Martinez, Sue Sylvester, Lauren Zizes, Shannon Beiste, Holly Holliday, & Carmen Tibideaux.

Our writers are all active, friendly, converse on aim, comment, participate in group chats & activities (currently we are writing the production of RENT) and scene regularly. Interested? Click here. We would love to have you!