June 20th, 2012

[info]abbychase in [info]find_players

Hey all!

Over at [info]genome_project, an original game that's somewhat of a cross between Heroes and X-Men, we're looking for a whole slew of characters, but in particular there are three that I would really love to see filled ASAP. The game is in a transitional phase as we just took a jump 15 years into the future but it's still amazing! The general premise of the game is that there were a group of scientists funded by the government who figured out how to give people powers. The first generation of test subjects were confined to an island in Maine (Frye Island) where the scientists could observe them Big Brother-style. Now, the first generation of kids who were experimented on as babies, have children of their own and are spread out over the whole US, though predominantly New York City and Washington, DC.

There are four main groups within the Genome Project: Hellfire, Railroad, the Government, and normal people. Hellfire is an extremist group that operates something like Magneto's rag tag group in the X-Men series wherein they believe in mutant supremacy. Railroad is the more reasonable group of mutants, like the X-Men within the series, where they just want peace and the same rights as any other American. They founded a school for kids who have powers, Wyrd Haven Academy. The government is obviously the government, and there are a few mutants who are involved in politics and even trying to reign in Hellfire members who've gone rogue. Lastly, the normal people are ones that really react to mutants being in society - some are supportive, others hate them.

There are a slew of amazing lines that are open for play but in particular, I'm looking for three characters that would be absolutely amazing to have in game for plot progression purposes.

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If you're interested, want more information about the game/characters, etc. feel free to drop a line here or email me at slm462@nyu.edu!