May 18th, 2010

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The Vampire Diaries - Group PSL

Hello, everybody!

This is Damon Salvatore, and I am taking him over to [info]thevampdiaries. I would give my left leg and plenty of lines for an Alaric Saltzman, Stefan Salvatore, Vicki Donovan, and Jeremy Gilbert to show up with me. Or any of the rest of the TVD cast! I'll give lines to everybody! I'm not a shipper. I'm a player! I will lavish all of you with plenty of meaty scenes that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with TVD all over again!

[info]thevampdiaries is a Group PSL that was made to help fans of the TV show get through the four grueling months that we have to wait until the show is back on the air. We are taking an AU approach to the show, starting after the 3rd episode (shortly after Mr. Tanner's death) with the Founder's Party right around the corner. Where does the AU part come in? Well, if Alaric shows up PRONTO along with Anna and Katherine - that's where the AU part comes in.

Wanna plot a bit before making a final decision? That's fine! Just comment here or in the Contact Post in this journal, and I'll plot with you as much as you want!

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Past The Surface : A True Blood Writing Group

past the surface ;; a true blood writing group


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Attention DC, Harry Potter and LotR RPers!!!

I'm seeking a couple specific characters over at [info]brightlightcity and was hoping to get some results here.

Fro DC more Teen Titans would be great too! We've got a Tim, which Kon is very happy about. And a Bart, even though he's Smallville Bart. Other characters we'd love to see are Wonder Girl, Raven, Starfire, etc. Also a Tim would probably love a Nightwing and loathe a Damian, but it'd be fun to have him too. lol.

For Harry Potter, I'd like to see a Pansy Parkinson, aged around sixteen. Draco comes from HBP and is the youngest of the HP characters at the moment. Everyone else is from the future. Other Slytherins would be awesome too. Also Rodolphus Lestrange. Bellatrix comes from the early seventies, before they were married.

And lastly for Lord of the Rings, I'd love to find an Aragorn for Legolas. He's still pretty out of his element, but is adjusting well. However, it'd be nice to have a familar face aroudn and perhaps it could lead to more.

True Blood and Vampire Diaries characters would be awesome too!

If anyone is interested and has any questions, feel free to im me at AylaRanzz. I'll be on tonight.

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Hi! This is Buffy Summers and I'm taking her to [info]stakesandfangs, which is a Buffy/Vampire Diaries crossover rooted in the Vampire Diaries universe with some minor modifications to fit the Buffyverse in. We're looking for some familiar characters to join us! It's brand new and we're a good crowd. I'd love for a Xander and a Giles to come join us! We have a Willow on hold and a Cordelia already taken, so completing the core Scooby crew would be fantastic! The roles of Oz, Jonathan Levinson, and Anya Jenkins are also still open, too.

As for the Vampire Diaries we have a Damon and a Caroline with an Elena on hold. We could definitely use a Stefan and a Bonnie! Plus, there are many open slots in that fandom as well!

This is gonna be a fun game! There are lots of roles available and many roles that can probably be negotiable if you ask! Come check us out at [info]stakemods. :)