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welcome to hell [June 8th, 2010]

WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: It's the first day of school.
WHEN: Monday morning.
WHERE: Mystic Falls High School
NOTES: Everyone interact in this thread. You can each create a sub thread in different parts of the school/times. If you're going to have a specific scene with a specific person, put that person's name in the subject line.

The first day is never easy.

The teachers sit anxiously in their classrooms as they organize their paper work to hand out, and debate on how awful the kids will be this time around. Some, mostly the minty fresh teachers who are about to embark on their first year as teachers, sit behind their desks excited by the prospects of being the teacher of the leaders of tomorrow. The custodial staff dread the end of the day because once the students flood the school - their work will never end.

The nerdy freshman wander the hallways early to memorize their rooms and locations so they don't feel like losers who get lost, while the students begin to crowd the front of the school, and the cafeteria hoping to run into classmates who've been gone all summer. By the time 7:40 a.m. rolls around, the once silent hallways are now rushing with the sounds of student laughter, cat calls, and shouts and filled with students lined on the floor against lockers, students running through the halls; chaos had come back to empty school.

First days were important. Impressions were everything.
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got so much wickedness and sin ( plot ) [May 28th, 2010]

A cool breeze swept through the town of Mystic Falls. It wasn't uncommon for a town, usually so bright and warm, to cool off at night. But something was different this time. Many of the townsfolk were filled with some sort of uneasiness as the night progressed. Something was coming. Many filed that feeling in the recess of their mind and tried to ignore it.

The Mystic Grill came to life and the music began to flood the streets in the area, the familiar thud and the catcalls and giggling that came with the teenager's off for the weekend, the college students looking to get wasted, or the 20-somethings trying to ignore the insecurity they felt about suddenly being "a grown up." All of them prey. All of them with warmth that radiated and called out to him.

He could sense them. Their stench sickened him and filled him with an incomprehensible hunger to snuff the life out of them with a ravenous fury. So close, he thought. Years of plotting and planning would come together on one glorious night and their Master would return to them. "Find more," he whispered softly to the blond beauty to his left, stroking her hair, and she did.

The not-so-quiet town of Mystic Falls, for all the life, slumbered. It's true essence buried deep below. But it would only be a matter of time before it woke and devoured them all.

The thought made Luke feel all fuzzy inside.

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