May 2nd, 2010

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Not So Far Away...
A Modern Fairy Tale RPG

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The Evil Queen, Ozma, Captain Hook, Hansel, and Many More!

For as long as anyone can remember, the City has always been one of the largest metropolitan centers in the world. It has had its share of glory and decline, but none so great as the age following the founding of OzCorp. Michael Ozma was no man of magic, but he might as well have been, for the technological wonders he wrought. He invented a software interface so advanced it seemed uncrackable and reshaped the corporate world in the City. Even thirty-six years after his death, his revolutionary ideas are still inspiring work on OzCorp's newest water-powered engine.

Today, the Gilded Age is long past. OzCorp, now led by Ozma's three daughters, has become corrupt, and the City has fallen from its glory days. Crime and drugs now rule the streets, though some aristocrats continue to live above it all.

Inspired by folk-lore and fairy-tales, Not So Far Away is a unique Role-Playing World that brings characters from fairytale, folklore, and mythology from around the world together into an ever-expanding universe. The only rule is that every character represents an arch-type from another story, whether that be Prince Charming or the infamous Mr Toad. Having trouble conceiving a character of your own? We have a long list of suggested character concepts that can play an important role to the overall plot of our story. Just remember, everyone has a tale to tell, and every tale has its own heroes and villains.