May 1st, 2010

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The Greeks: A Greek Gods RP

You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends.
To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning...

Needed: Metis (a short, but very important role), Aphrodite, Demeter, and more!

The Greek gods were known to meddle in the lives of mortals. They had scandalous affairs, unleashed curses, and orchestrated wars that decimated populations.

But what happened before that?

Hesiod speaks of the beginnings of the Greek pantheon, the start of the reign of the Olympians. The sons of Kronos drew lots to divide the cosmos, and each established his reign over a third of the world. Zeus had two wives before Hera, and numerous liaisons that were soon over. What happened to Metis? And Themis? What of Mnemosyne, and Eurynome, and Demeter? What led Poseidon to take the Sea Goddess Amphitrite to wife? And how did Persephone catch Hades' eye?

Well, we are about to find out...


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MCI Grand Junction


a Prison RPG


OOC Rules

Prisoner Rules

Staff Rules


Taken PBs





You’ve just been sentenced to MCI Grand Junction, a prison located some 20 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

You have been sent here to carry out the full term of your sentence. There will be no escape. There will be no appeals. Some of you will never leave. For some this is only the beginning of a long and terrible nightmare.

Rumors of brutality, of severe discipline, rape and even murder is rife within, but in a place like Grand Junction money talks. Besides, you are a convicted felon: society has washed its hands of you.

The only people looking out for you now are those left on the outside waiting for your release. Pray you live long enough to see it.

Your life as you knew it is over.
Welcome to Grand Junction.

Remember, in prison no one will hear you

Staff (corrections officers, nurses, counselors) and family members are also welcome to apply.


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On December 26th, 2009, the cruise ship Nausicaä set sail from Miami to Bermuda on her maiden voyage.

In the months beforehand, 100 lucky people from all over the world won themselves a ticket with a budding cruise line, Odyssey Lines. Some entered themselves, some didn't - though it was explained that a friend, family, or co-worker anonymously submitted their name in a contest. To all winners, it seemed like a dream come true. An all-expenses paid New Years celebration in paradise. Plane tickets to Miami, and home from Bermuda were included.

The Nausicaä was set to arrive in Bermuda on January 4th, 2010. That never happened.

On New Years Eve, a terrible storm hit them at sea, pushing them off-course and sending them deeper into the Bermuda Triangle. All outside communication with the world was lost. Satelite devises, such as tracking, died. Compasses began to spin. Cell phones stopped working. They were lost at sea.

On January 2nd, the Nausicaä turned what was presumably East, knowing that eventually they'd hit something. This, too, never happened. Though direction was never altered, the sun rose and set in a new position every day.

Crew started disappearing. The captain kills himself. The Nausicaä is lost in the Bermuda Triangle, its passengers left to fend for themselves.

Will you survive?

Oblivion is an original-character game. We have friendly, experienced mods, and an ever-growing player base happy to plot! Don't miss your chance to be there from the beginning!

Rules | FAQs | About the Ship | Application | Format | Characters | Wanted

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Atten: DC, Buffy/Angel and LotR RPers!!

I'm seeking a couple specific characters over at [info]brightlightcity and was hoping to get some results here.

For DC, I'm desperatly seeking a Clark Kent!! This would be Comicverse Clark aka Superman since Kon is being outnumbered by the Bat Clan and Bruce keeps picking on him. Kon comes from directly after he died so it's totally up to you what storyline Clark comes from, but preferably one where he knows Kon because Kon needs a fatherly figure. Batman is driving him crazy!

More Teen Titans would be great too! We've got a Tim, which Kon is very happy about. And a Bart, even though he's Smallville Bart. Other characters we'd love to see are Wonder Girl, Raven, Starfire, etc. Also a Supergirl would be great too so there are members of the Super Clan.

For Buffy I'm even more despertaly seeking an Angel!! Cordelia is still in love with him and the last Angel disappeared before they could really get a chance to talk. Cordy comes from the end of Season 3 and would very much like to have Angel around.

And lastly for Lord of the Rings, I'd love to find an Aragorn for Legolas. He's still pretty out of his element, but is adjusting well. However, it'd be nice to have a familar face aroudn and perhaps it could lead to more.

If anyone is interested and has any questions, feel free to im me at AylaRanzz. I'll be on tonight.