January 31st, 2010

[info]miss_shadow in [info]find_players

Lucius/Narcissa post Half Blood Prince line please? Threading/email/gdoc etc. No IM though I'm fine with plotting over it. I can play either of them.

[info]et_synecdoche in [info]find_players

Hi! I'm Kathleen, and I play Lucy Coase ([info]vocalevil) at @[info]vocaladrenmod! We are a Glee fandom game with a focus on New Direction's biggest rivals, Vocal Adrenaline.

Lucy Coase is Vocal Adrenaline's vocal director and chief organizer, but she needs her partner, the formidable Dakota Stanleys to be choreographer and dance director. He is also the closest thing Lucy has to an actual friend. Together, they can make this team brilliant and take Nationals!

Also available are a variety of Vocal Adrenaline members, as well as other teachers and students that you would find at an average high school, including numerous siblings for fun and plotting! Check out our available list for more information about those roles!