February 1st, 2010

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Welcome to Harmony. It’s a lovely place, clear blue skies and attractive buildings. It’s funny, but even though all you can remember is this place, it feels like you’ve never been here before.

Why does it feel that way? Well, probably because it’s true. Sssh, don’t tell; this is a giant experiment, one you can’t get out of. We care about you here in Harmony, and you’re very important to us. We hand picked you from your world, because there was just something about you. We know you will be helpful.

It’s important that you feel at home. Almost like you’re not in an experiment at all. So we’re going to give you a new set of family, friends, and memories. Because, don’t forget – we care about you. We want you to feel at home, seeing as from now on, this is your home.
So here’s the gist – your character was plucked from their world, and brought to this one. It’s unclear if it’s an alternate dimension or even a different planet. The place has similar atmosphere and appearances as Earth, but how would you ever know if it was or not? From there, something happened to their memory. It’s not clear how that happened, either. All you know is there is a little scar, on your neck, right below your hairline. Maybe you had it before. Or maybe, it has nothing to do with your memory. You have no idea.

After you were brought here, and your memory erased, a new one was implanted. Some got a new brother or sister, some got new friends, and some even got new spouses or fiancés. It’s weird, really. You feel like you know them so well, and at the same time, like you don’t know them at all. You have a job, and a place to live. You have a memory of going to school at Harmony High, and parents that have died peacefully. You remember every aspect of this place, because after all, you’ve lived here since you were born.

In addition to all that, from time to time, you’ll get a call from the Doctor’s office. You’ll come in, they’ll give you a supposedly harmless shot, and you’ll be on your way. Strange thing is you’ll start to feel really different after you get that shot.

Is it the shot? Or is it something inside you?

Welcome to Harmony, an AU Panfandom RPG. We're so happy to have you here.

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Whittle Well


"If a universe can be imagined, it exits."
Professor M.R.Franks, Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

A revolution has recently taken place within society’s attitude towards certain laws and civil rights. This transformation has left many traditionalists scared and fighting but most have been liberated due to the changes and are keen to allow them to continue. Mainly the rights for women and children have altered drastically. The change to female rights is almost immediately noticeable with the change of fashion.
Medical and scientific understanding has improved and the experimentation for artificial limb use and ‘upgrades’ to the physical being are becoming highly fashionable however extremely costly.

Whittlewell is the capital city of the British Empire and is on the cutting edge of the steam revolution. Its advances in air ship travel and compact innovations for steam capability are the envy of the world and have lead to the boon in wealth. However the gap between rich and poor is ever expanding.

The year is 1865 and you are invited to come and join us.

Whittle Well RP

We are now open and currently accepting applications!

So if you are interested in a victorian, steampunk-esk RPG come take a look!