May 16th, 2009

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On May 1st, 2009, nation leaders spoke together to reveal a truth to the world: the supernatural world is real. Vampires, werewolves, and more exist. They have been known to the government for a long time, and now they are coming out of the shadows - and they come with a message. They are not a threat. They mean no danger to humans. But there are other things out there that do.

The days that followed changed everything most people believed they knew about the world, about history, and most importantly, about themselves. Celebrities, politicians, the family down the street - they began revealing their true identities, and telling the world what they really were. Missing people that had been turned against their will came out of hiding, and orginizations popped up to reunite them with their families. The revealing of the supernatural was penned in the media as the Light of May, as society made room for the supernatural.

It wasn't easy. Many, human and supernatural alike, were terrified of what this would mean. Some wanted to keep the supernatural abominations down. Leading figures of both Democratic and Republican parties were revealed to be supernaturals themselves, and joined together to fight for civil rights for the supernatural. It is revealed that if the supernatural were wiped out, half of the entire world's population would be gone. Independent parties popped up through-out the country, opposing supernatural rights, and the fight goes on. But those aren't the only battles being fought.

Why did the Light of May happen? If the supernatural has always existed, why are they only making themselves known now? For centuries, those with supernatural blood have been hunted, held, and killed - all for the benefits of their blood to hunters, and vampires who don't want to play by the rules of etiquette. There was a time when the angels, and even the fae, fought to protect them. But the fae have been extinct for hundreds of years, and worse - the angels seem to have disappeared. There is nothing fighting the demons of the world at bay now. The human race is at risk, and they are not alone.

The Light of May is an original supernatural game, taking place in a time when the world is adjusting to the world that has been hidden since the beginning of time. The game is set in Ann Arbor, Michigan, centered around a fictional township called Scarlet Oak. Characters of many races are up for play, as are those trusty humans. The Light of May will be focusing on characters adjustments and the eventual struggle against demons, hunters, and more.

The Light of May is for original characters only. Pre-existing fandom characters will not be allowed. Don't miss your chance to be there from the beginning!

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