April 7th, 2009

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Game: Dictionopolis (on Scribbld) --> here!
Fandom: Literature/book-centric
Looking for: We would really like to see Atticus Finch and Matilda Wormwood taken up before we begin! Also looking for John Galt and Nick Carraway, but that's just me personally... as well as just about anyone you can think to bring who hasn't already been taken!

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BRITANNIA: present-day Arthurian roleplay

Game: Britannia ([info]britannia_mod)
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Format: Thread-based
Genre: Reincarnation, Modern Day
Rating: PG-13 and up

Open Characters:
We still need Lancelot to round out our tragic love triangle; Agravain to complete the set of Orkney knights; Lyonors, sister of Lynette; and Melehan son of Mordred to eventually meet up with his brother. Also open are Tristan, Isolde, Nimue, and a whole slew of others. "Normal" OCs are not currently accepted, but minor characters are welcome!

Open Roles:
Can't decide who your favorite character is now? We need high school boys and female teachers to balance out our existing roster. Our touristy town has a gift shop, but no accommodations, bars or restaurants. We have a pediatrician but no psychiatrist -- and boy are we gonna need one. ;)