April 6th, 2009

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Charmed Progeny

Life is peaceful for the Halliwells and their families. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo have settled down with their lives. No more demon hunting, no more crazy backfired spells, no more death and destruction. Their children are growing up in a world with little conflict, occasionally kicking a bit of demon ass when nessecary. Wyatt and Chris have grown into law abiding citizens. Paige and Phoebe's children are all growing up, attending Magic School. Leo is teaching there, watching over the education of the students. Piper has finally opened the restaurant she's always wanted. Wyatt has taken over P3. Paige is a full whitelighter. Phoebe is a prize winning column writer for The Bay Mirror, and has penned several best selling novels on love.

Trouble begins brewing right under their noses, unbeknownst to the Halliwell family. A new Source of Evil is rising to power, organizing the once chaotic underworld. This new Source is planning on taking out the Halliwell line to clear the path for a worldly destruction and a takeover of evil. Betrayal is lurking in their midst, and together, Wyatt, Chris, and their cousins will battle this inner threat and the Source along with the help of new allies. Now it’s up to the Halliwell offspring to save the day and take on their parents charge of the Charmed destiny.

In a time of danger, the sisters decide it's time to pass on their Charmed heritage. The chosen three are Melinda (Piper's youngest), Parker (Phoebe's oldest), and Ariel (Paige's elder twin). The other children are just as important, and they must all work together if they want to survive and persevere.

Amidst the lies and the fighting, friendships are forged and love blooms for these youngsters. New friends are gained, while old friends are lost. They all begin down paths of self-discovery, each realizing their full potential and fullfilling their destinies.

They must band together and put aside their childhood squabbles. Will they be able to save good magic?

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