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Theme #4: Outdoors - 5 of 8  
Title: Outside
Author: [info]testdog65 aka Ellen
Time frame Post-513
Warnings: NC-17
A/N: Thank you to [info]xie_xie_xie for the beta!

“Harder, Brian,” moans Justin, desperate for Brian to tighten his grip, stroke faster.

“Mmm, not yet.” Brian’s voice is low and filled with his own desire as he continues to tease Justin, keeping him on edge, but not giving him what he needs to come. Justin is leaning face-first against the side of Debbie’s house, Brian pressed against his back, his mouth at Justin’s ear. A cool breeze plays at the sweat beading on Justin’s forehead.

They’re not fucking. Not yet. Justin’s pants are open, his hard cock sliding through Brian’s loose fist. He tries to angle himself for more friction, move his hips faster, anything to get what he needs as he gasps out “More.” But Brian’s pressed too tightly against him, with a firm grip on his hip. Justin squirms and takes some satisfaction in Brian’s not quite stifled moan as he presses his own hard cock, still encased in his jeans, against the curve of Justin’s ass.

Dinner at Debbie’s with the usual suspects has been a protracted study in torture for Brian tonight, as Justin has taken every opportunity to entice him with a look, a touch, a whispered promise. The fact that he is wearing tight fitting low-slung pants and a shirt that just skims the waistband only adds to the tease. Halfway through the meal, Brian had pushed back his chair, declaring an urgent need for a cigarette and making his way out to the backyard. It hadn’t taken Justin more than a minute to join him, and in even less time, Brian had moved them into their current position.

He had meant to engage Justin in a bit more payback before fucking him within an inch of his life, but is finding the idea of waiting less and less appealing as Justin’s moans grow louder and more insistent. Deciding that payback is highly overrated, he makes quick work of freeing his own cock and unwrapping a condom. Finally, he pushes Justin’s pants down further past his hips, at the same time leaning his upper body in, forcing Justin to bend over and offer his ass in the process. Brian is pushing in then, both knowing they have only a few more minutes before someone decides they’ve been gone long enough and comes looking for them. Not that they would stop.

Brian pushes past the initial resistance, barely giving Justin a chance to take a breath before he is in all the way. His arm is across Justin’s chest and he pulls back, forcing Justin to stand up straight, and in the process, impale himself on Brian’s cock. Brian’s hand clamps over Justin’s mouth to muffle the moan that otherwise would have alerted the rest of the dinner guests to their activities. As if they didn’t know already.

Leaving slow and controlled for another time, Brian thrusts in with hard, short strokes, brushing Justin’s prostate with each pass. Justin is being held almost immobile, up on his toes and unable to move more than a few inches in either direction. But Brian holds his cock in the hand that isn’t muffling his mouth, and Justin has just enough leverage to fuck into Brian’s fist.

As their pace increases, Justin begins to lick and bite at Brian’s palm, and the added sensations only heighten Brian’s need for more, harder, now. His breath is ragged against the side of Justin’s face, and god he needs this fuck, has needed it from the moment he laid eyes on Justin at baggage claim. The delay has only served to heighten that need. He can tell that Justin’s close, his leaking precome slicking and sliding the path of Brian’s hand as he increases the speed and pressure of his stroking.

“Brian,” Michael calls from around the corner. “Justin? You two out here?” Michael’s footsteps crunch across the ground as he searches for the errant dinner guests.

“Don’t stop,” says Justin, and Brian feels the words against the palm of his hand.

“Don’t worry… not stopping for… anything.” Brian continues to thrust, the movement of his hips becoming erratic as he feels his balls begin to tighten.

“Hey guys, if you’re out here, Ma’s about to serve dessert, and…” His voice trails off as he rounds the corner of the house.

“Geez, can’t you two even make it through dinner without a fuck break?” But his voice is filled with laughter as he turns to head back into the house. Brian groans, so close, so close. “I’ll tell her you won’t be long,” and Michael’s laughing outright now.

Undeterred by the interruption, Brian gives a final thrust, while at the same time pumping harder on Justin’s desperately leaking cock. He stills as his orgasm flows through him, feeling Justin pulse and spill a second later.


“Tell me again why we didn’t fuck at the airport as soon as you picked me up?” Justin leans against the side of the house, Brian next to him as they share a post-fuck smoke.

Brian takes a drag from his cigarette before responding, feeling much more relaxed after finally spending some time up Justin’s ass.

“I seem to recall you saying something about not wanting to be late for dinner, and insisting that we would be if we stopped to fuck.” Brian’s tone holds a note of light-hearted accusation.

Justin grabs the cigarette from Brian’s hand, taking his own drag, the smoke filling his lungs.

“Oh, yeah,” he finally says. “And how come you listened to me?”

Brian doesn’t answer for a minute, mostly because he isn’t really sure. Eventually, a knowing smile crosses his face as he glances over at Justin. Justin’s look of innocence is a bit tainted.

“You little shit. You did this on purpose. First with the ‘no fuck or we’ll be late’ excuse and then with the torture. That’s a dangerous game to be playing, little boy. Very dangerous.” Brian’s voice had started out light and teasing, but he finishes with a dark and foreboding tone.

Justin shivers as he feels his cock stir, despite his recent orgasm. He glances up at Brian through his lashes and says quietly, “I don’t suppose letting you fuck me outside of Debbie’s house in the middle of dinner makes up for it?”

“No, Justin, I don’t suppose it does.”

Justin only pauses for a second before responding. “Do you think it would be rude to leave before dessert?”
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This is just so hot!

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