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Title: Seeing Stars
Author: [info]tweedygal
Timeline: Post 513
Warnings: It's porn, be warned.
A/N: This is my first foray into porn. It's sort of scary. I couldn’t have even thought about doing this without the best beta ever, [info]catcayman. Also, thanks to [info]not_yet_defined. She posted a little story starter at [info]qaf_drabbles that I thought fit right in with my idea and gave me all kinds of coding and other help.

Justin watched the fireworks exploding above. The early July heat caused bits of freshly cut grass to stick to his naked sweat-drenched skin...

He woke with a start, his arm slung over his face. The noise of the fireworks was gone. He shifted a little and started to drift back to sleep. The air had grown cooler and a slight breeze carried the smells of the barbeque grill and chlorine from the pool.


Brian's voice jarred him awake again. He moved his arm and slowly blinked up, unconsciously licking his lips. The way Brian said his name, so softly and intimately, made Justin's stomach flip. He realized they were alone and reached his hand down to his cock and found...the rough fabric of swim trunks. Not naked at all.

"I guess I was just dreaming," he thought ruefully and with a touch of disappointment. He loved sex outside. Aside from the alley near Babylon, Justin hadn't experienced much of it.

Brian was standing above him, his erection pushing out the denim of his jeans, a slow smile crossing his features. Justin's stomach did that little flip again and this time his cock did too.

"Where is everyone?"

"Mel and Linds left with the kids about an hour ago and everyone else just left."

"Why didn't anyone wake me up?" Justin asked.

"Emmett said you looked too pretty to bother," Brian said. "Besides, we'll see them all again tomorrow."

"Now," he added, "C'mere."

Brian held out a hand. Justin took it and Brian pulled him to his feet and against his chest in one motion. Justin reached his arms around Brian's waistband Brian put a hand on the side of Justin's face and rubbed his thumb slowly against his cheek as he bent to kiss him. He took his time, licking slowly at Justin's teeth and lower lip before thrusting his tongue into Justin's mouth and kissing deeply. His hands instantly tangled into Justin's hair, pulling and tugging. Justin tightened his grip on Brian's waist, slid his hands up under his shirt and moaned softly into Brian's mouth.

Suddenly, Brian broke the contact, gasping slightly. He reached down and grabbed Justin's waistband and turned to walk back to the house. "I want you to blow me," he said, his voice low.

Justin didn't follow; digging his heels in a bit. Brian took one step before he was stopped in his tracks. He turned slightly and looked back at Justin, a hint of annoyance on his face.

"What the fuck?"

Justin licked his lips and blinked, slowly, as he gazed up at Brian. Brian raised an eyebrow, and Justin pulled him back toward him.

“Out here.”

Justin started to slide to his knees, but Brian grabbed both of Justin's hands just above the wrists in a half-hearted attempt to stop him.

"Brian," Justin breathed, looking up as he continued to move down, despite Brian's hold on him. Brian let out a small sigh of defeat, put both of Justin's wrists into his left hand and held them to his chest. He reached down with his right hand and unbuttoned his faded jeans and slid them down just past his ass. As his cock sprang free, Brian dropped Justin's hands and grabbed two handfuls of blond hair, rubbing his thumbs across Justin's scalp. Brian felt Justin's warm breath on his cock, and he involuntarily thrust slightly forward, hard as a rock.

Now that his hands were free, Justin reached his right hand around to rest against Brian's ass and grasped his cock at the base with the other, slowly tugging the skin forward as he leaned in just a bit to lick the underside. His tongue flattened as he pulled to the front and then lapped at the head, tongue swirling all around. He sucked in, just the head at first, still stroking with his hand. He sucked in more and moaned, sucking harder as Brian filled his mouth.

Brian bucked his hips forward the tiniest bit and then held himself very still, only his fingers clenching in Justin's hair.

Justin glanced up and saw Brian staring at him -- and his own dick throbbed in the confines of his trunks. He opened his mouth wider and swallowed as much as he could. Brian's hands pulled at his hair, moving to the back of Justin's head, and he began pushing himself into Justin's hot mouth. Justin closed his eyes and his mind focused on the one thing he wanted right now -- the cock that was thrusting into his face. He waited as Brian pulled almost all the way out and plunged in again as far as he could. The night air felt cool around him, but his mouth felt hot -- and full and fucked.

Brian' s head fell back as he began to fuck Justin's mouth in earnest, his eyelids fluttering as he felt himself losing control. The thought that he should slow down and pace himself died half-formed when Justin moaned loudly around his cock and cupped Brian's balls in one hand, stroking and rubbing. Brian looked down again, still thrusting. Justin had his other hand working at the strings of his swim trunks. He reached down and knocked Justin's arm aside and growled, "Not yet."

He buried his hands back into Justin's hair and thrust into him almost wildly. He groaned loudly as his orgasm sparked through him and he shot into Justin's mouth. Justin's throat worked as he swallowed, tasting and feeling the heat as Brian began to slow his hips. Justin swallowed one last time as Brian pulled out of his mouth, wrapping both arms around Brian's ass and resting his head against his thigh, catching his breath.

Brian's hands never moved from Justin's hair, tangling, then letting go, then stroking softly at the strands. And they stayed there when Justin pulled himself back up, only stopping when Justin pulled them down and settled them around his neck. Even then, he fondled the bits sticking to the back of Justin's neck.

They kissed, almost chastely, and Brian put his forehead to Justin's, smiling and closing his eyes. Justin reached for one of Brian's hands and turned to walk back to the house. Brian didn't move, but reached out and hooked his hand in the waistband of Justin's trunks.

"Let's stay outside a while."

Justin turned back and this time put his hands on Brian's shoulders. Brian slid down Justin's body, pulling his trunks down with him. Justin wove his hands into Brian's hair, and let his head fall back. He looked up at the stars and grinned.
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[info]manic_fanatic on January 22nd, 2011 08:21 am (UTC)
This was really different. Not rushed. The sex heightened, but never became frantic. Justin's melancholy at waking and realizing he'd only been dreaming came full circle when he once again looked up at the stars and grinned while Brian blew him.

I really really enjoyed it. I seriously could smell the grass and chlorine. I could feel the silkiness of the air still warm despite the setting of the July sun. This was really sensual.

Very good!
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