13 August 2007 @ 05:11 pm
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Title: Cereal Boxes

Author: [info]testdog65 aka Ellen

Warnings: NC-17

A/N: Un-beta’d, and true PWP. Also, this is only the second non-drabble I’ve ever written, so this probably needs a bad!fic warning or something.

Justin moans softly as you kiss and nip at the skin where his neck meets his shoulder. You’re not gentle, but not hard enough to leave a mark either. Your nose is buried in his hair, and you nuzzle in deeper, breathing him, while time stands still, and the world narrows to the two of you and nothing else.

You make your way slowly down his back. His skin is warm and soft under your lips, slightly damp and infused with the unique scent that is Justin in the beginning stages of arousal. He always smells like this when you’re near, you think. But then, he’s always aroused when you’re close by, so that’s no surprise.

You continue to kiss and gently lick a random path towards your goal. Justin lies prone beneath you, arms tucked under the pillow on which his head rests, turned to the side, eyes closed, mouth open and slightly panting. He knows what’s coming, and he’s such a whore for it. But, that’s OK, you think. Because really, you wouldn’t enjoy this nearly as much if he didn’t as well.

You’re at the curve of his lower back now. Right there where the slope upward begins, marking the transition from back to butt. You tongue your way up the curve, and then veer right to taste the fleshy mound. Justin groans deep and desperate. He wants what he wants, and this isn’t it. Too bad he’ll have to indulge you for a bit. You continue to press gentle kisses, whisper light over one cheek and then the other. You could get lost here, tasting him, mapping the slope and curve, the soft skin over hard muscle. You take your time, savoring and caressing with tongue, lips and hands. This is the only kind of worship you believe in.

But Justin won’t be denied much longer.

“Fuck, Brian,” he pants. “Stop teasing… Just, please…” The last word is uttered as a whisper. You lift your head, and look up at him. His face is flushed, his hair is a tousled mess and his eyes, now open, are heavily lidded with desire. You smile slightly, and the corners of his mouth turn up in response. You pause for a moment, but then Justin raises his ass a bit, and you are reminded of the task at hand. You lower your head to return to your work.

This time, you grasp a cheek firmly in each hand, slightly kneading the skin and muscle before pulling them wide to expose your goal. Slowly, with just the barest of pressure, you let your tongue play around the edges. Justin sighs appreciatively, and you smile. He’ll be full out moaning before you’re done. But there’s plenty of time to get to that. You continue your work, gently caressing the opening with slightly more pressure now. You’re alternating swirling licks with suctioning kisses, but still playing at his entrance, not yet ready to venture inside.

Justin’s moaning has begun. He’ll keep up a steady stream of it now until he comes. It turns you on more than you’ll ever admit – to hear him as he wantonly and greedily enjoys what you’re giving him. And he’s not the only one enjoying it. Your cock is hard and leaking as it juts out and away from your body. You’ll need relief eventually, and you’ll take it in the form of a hard, pounding fuck into the tight asshole that’s in front of you. But, not yet. For now, you’ll take your pleasure in delivering Justin’s.

He’s writhing now, rutting his cock against the sheets below him, and pushing back against your tongue, hoping you’ll slip inside, give him that extra pressure he’s craving. You acquiesce, slipping your tongue just inside the tight entrance as you bring your fingers closer to his opening, pulling him wider apart.

Justin’s groan is primal and deep, and your cock hardens even further. Deeper now, you spear him repeatedly, not staying inside for too long on any given thrust, but going farther with each one. Justin’s taste is addicting, and you laugh inwardly at all the uptight assholes (double-meaning intended) who think this act is disgusting, unclean or somehow perverse. The truth is that it’s hot and decadent – and with Justin, it’s intimate in a way that nothing else is.

Now your tongue is deep, and you stay inside, alternating between curling and jabbing. Your hands have migrated further up to Justin’s hips. They’ve had to in an effort to hold him still, to keep him from bucking back and knocking you both off the bed. It’s happened before when Justin’s been in a frenzy from a good, deep rimming. And so you’ve learned the need for restraint – not in the act itself, but for Justin.

His hole is wet now, shiny and slick from your spit. You use your hands to push his hips down onto the bed. Momentarily lifting your head, you utter one sharp command, “Stay.” Justin will. He knows you’ll stop if he moves too much, and stopping now might kill the both of you.

You’re back at his entrance again, swirling and stabbing as you bring your hands back to hold him open. Pulling him as wide apart as possible, you force your tongue in as deep as you can, making it stiff and hard and finding all the nerve endings that make Justin whimper and beg for more. Oh, and he’s begging now.

“More, Brian. Harder. I need more. Please,” he pants. “Please, more. Brian, I need…” You know what he needs all right. You’ve been there yourself more than you’re willing to admit. No matter how stiff the tongue, the teasing softness of a rim job leaves the recipient always wanting just that little bit more, that extra edge. It’s like a fuck that’s just a little too slow, or a hand-job with a too-soft grip. You could continue to tease him, leave him wanting and begging. And truthfully, that idea does have its appeal. But you decide to show mercy, and slowly bring the fingers of your right hand to rest lightly against his hole while your tongue continues to work him. The resulting moan from Justin almost makes you come.

You begin to increase the pressure of your fingers at his entrance until your index finger slips just inside. Justin pushes back, and you use your left hand to smack his ass as a reminder to keep still. He complies, but barely.

You allow your finger to creep further inside as your tongue continues its assault in and out of his hole. The contrast of your finger making a steady slide inside with your tongue thrusting in and out leaves Justin gasping and breathless. Your finger continues its journey, and as it slides in deeper, you angle it down slightly and increase the pressure. Justin’s moans are getting hoarse as his throat becomes raw. The sound is making you impossibly harder, and you know that you’ll have to find your own relief soon. Hopefully you’ll be able to hold off until you’re buried deep within him. But, there has been a time or two when you’ve had to come before the fuck. Rimming Justin isn’t just intense for him.

Your tongue is back at his entrance again as you allow your finger to take over the penetration. You find that hard smoothness inside him and rub across it. It’s more of a scream than a moan you hear this time as Justin rises onto his hands and knees. You don’t try and stop him this time. Instead you move with him, continuing to lick and suck around your finger as it rubs steadily over Justin’s prostate. He’s trying to hold still, trying to force himself to not press back. You’re impressed with his efforts as you continue your assault.

You allow a second finger to push inside. You know the increase in pressure, coupled with the relentless tonguing is pushing Justin dangerously close to the edge. You’re finger-fucking him hard now, passing over his prostate with each thrust and nipping and licking at the stretched skin of his entrance. Justin is close to incoherent, but through the moans you hear one word, repeated breathlessly.


And so you comply, slipping in a third finger, and feeling with your tongue as Justin’s hole stretches taught. You alternate between nipping, sucking and licking around your fingers, while you snake your left hand around and underneath to Justin’s cock.

In one calculated and swift move, you grasp Justin’s rock-hard cock, squeezing just short of painfully, while at the same time you press all three of your fingers deep inside and down against his prostate, sucking as hard as you can around his opening.

Justin gives a moaning scream as you feel his tight channel tense and constrict around your fingers while his cock pulses warm and wet in your still-clenched fist. His orgasm is intense and seems never-ending. You ride it out with him, continuing to stimulate him from inside and at his entrance, while you only slightly decrease the pressure on his cock.

Finally, he collapses forward, panting still, and unable to speak. But you’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. You grab for the condom wrapper on the bed, making quick work of tearing into the package and rolling the contents down your cock, angry red and needy. You waste no time in grasping Justin’s hips and pulling him back as you impale him with your dick, sinking in to the hilt in one quick, relentless stroke. Justin grunts and pushes back against you as you pull out and ram in again. You’re mindless now, all thought having left your head. The only thing you know is the feel of Justin’s walls as they create a vise-like grip on your impossibly hard cock. You continue to thrust at an unrelenting pace, while a stray thought escapes that you’re surprised you’ve made it this long without coming.

And then, you’re there. The sensation starts low in your spine, and spirals out in an unstoppable wave of pleasure. Your balls tighten, and your cock pulses. You suck in a final breath, and open your mouth in a silent scream. Your entire body feels the pressure and intense ecstasy of your release, buried deep inside Justin’s ass, coming long and hard.

Justin collapses forward again, and you follow, falling gracelessly on top of him. Vaguely you think you must be heavy, but Justin doesn’t protest, and you know you couldn’t move now if your life depended on it. You take deep and gasping breaths as your heart rate slowly returns to normal. You can’t see his face, but you know Justin is smiling, grinning underneath you.

Eventually, you reach down to grasp the condom and pull out. Justin groans at the sudden feeling of emptiness, and you reach your fingers down to his hole, still slick with your spit. You play around his entrance with your fingers for a bit, gently smoothing the battered skin, soothing the tender flesh. Finally, you remove the condom, tying it off and tossing it in the general direction of the garbage. You hear a quiet smacking sound as it makes contact with the hardwoods. Justin huffs a laugh, and you can’t help but join him. Your skill is in rim jobs not rim shots, after all.

You’ve eased off to the side, still half lying on Justin. He’s barely moved, and you wonder idly if it’s possible to die from rimming – either the receiving or the giving. You realize only after Justin’s questioning look that you’ve laughed out loud at your own musings. You don’t bother to explain. It’s not necessary anyway. Instead, you lean toward Justin, lips touching, and tongues snaking out to caress.

“Mmmm, you taste like me,” Justin says into the quiet stillness that surrounds you both.

“And what do you taste like,” you ask, already knowing the answer for yourself.

“Like the one thing you refuse to admit you want, but can’t live without.”

You want to laugh at that, but really you just can’t. Instead you lean forward, and kiss Justin again, sharing his taste as a silent agreement to his words.
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libra2[info]libra2 on November 10th, 2007 04:42 pm (UTC)
"This is the only kind of worship you believe in."
---That's an unbelieveably concise and poignant statement.

“Mmmm, you taste like me,”
“And what do you taste like,”
“Like the one thing you refuse to admit you want, but can’t live without.”
---I really love your writing style and the way you think!
And oh yeah... it's sizzling hot too :)

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testdog65: 215 bed kiss[info]testdog65 on November 27th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
You leave such wonderful feedback! Thank you!!!

(Reply) (Parent) (Link)
kata_ny: unbuttoned[info]kata_ny on February 9th, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
“Like the one thing you refuse to admit you want, but can’t live without.”
this is such a beautiful description.and the rest? is just so HOT.
(Reply) (Thread) (Link)
testdog65: B/J B kissing J's chest on bed sensual[info]testdog65 on February 10th, 2008 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you! So glad you liked it. :D

(Reply) (Parent) (Link)
[info]besamislabios on February 11th, 2008 08:03 pm (UTC)
This story shouldn't have a bad!fic warning, it was brilliant.

I loved it, so incredibly hot but also intimate, full of playfulness and complicity towards the end. Full of beautiful love.

And now for the silly question: why "cereal boxes"?

(Reply) (Thread) (Link)
testdog65[info]testdog65 on February 16th, 2008 10:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your lovely feedback!!!

And now for the silly question: why "cereal boxes"?

I am completely unable to judge my own writing, nor does it affect me an any way. Reading my own stuff is often no more exciting to me than reading a cereal box. That, plus the fact that naming my fics is often harder for me than writing them, is why this particular one got the name it did. LOL Kind of silly, but there you go. :)

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[info]manic_fanatic on January 19th, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
THIS is why Justin could never stop stalking Brian! I think this particular act of lovemaking reveals a lot about Brian.

Considering the image Brian tries to project, I just can't see him being the giver of rimjobs with this much pleasure on his end of the deal. I think to be seen licking someone's ass would be more vulnerable than bottoming, don't you? Yet, Brian behaves completely resistant to the suggestion.

To me, it just gives evidence to prove two things: Brian's reputation is just a mask he wears in public and sometimes for himself. And, two, he definitely bottoms, at least for Justin. :o)
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