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Aug. 2nd, 2009


Game Closed
Thank you for everyone for your passion and contributions.


Who: Shy, Fischer, several NPC's, open to anyone who would like to react/script out their character(s)
When: Monday, mid-morning
Where: Various places around the island
What: The fall of Revolve
Let me introduce you to the end )

Jul. 24th, 2009


Mutant's Ball

Who: Open to all mutants
When: Friday Evening
Where: Green Block Cafeteria
What: The Mutant's Ball has begun!
Balloons and paper streamers floating down on us She says, You've got a minute left to fall in love )


Owner's Ball

Who: Open to all humans/invited mutants
When: Friday evening
Where: The Hotel Ball Room
What: The Owners Ball is underway
Welcome Owners, Guests and Valued Patrons )

Jul. 23rd, 2009


Who: Endless OTA
When: Thursday afternoon
Where: Amusement park
What: People watching

let your spinning wheel spin )


Rain, Rain, Rain

Who: Mia and OPEN
Where: Out around the Arenas
When: Mid-Morning July 23
What: It's raining and Mia is trying to decipher the invitation to the party on Friday. Someone wanna lend a hand.

It's raining, it's pouring... )

Jul. 21st, 2009


Who: Pixie OT Colossus
Where: The rubble of blue block
When: Monday
Warnings: unlikely

Hazy clouds of pink over a sky of black. )

Jul. 20th, 2009


Who: X-23, Sabretooth, OTA
When: Monday, July 20th; mid-morning
Where: Red Block
What: Laura checks out her new neighbors.

Without blood as a reminder, it was so much easier to forget. )


Describe Life

Who: Violet OT Deadpool
When: Late afternoon, July 20
Where: Red Block; Violet's temp cell
What: Deadpool comes by to poke his head in and ask about the pirate adventure Violet has almost managed to forget about.

Life, the merry go round without an off switch )


You are Invited!

Notice sent to all Revolve Guests )

Notice sent to all Mutants )

Jul. 18th, 2009


Who: X-23
When: Saturday, July 18th; evening
Where: Grass arena
What: Laura's debut in the arena rocks (or rolls?)

She was used to killing without witnesses. )

Jul. 16th, 2009


Who: Forge and Mist
When: Friday, July 17th, late afternoon
Where: Outside, near Blue Block/Underground entrance
What: Forge is avoiding Shy and runs into someone interesting
All I want is a little peace and quiet )
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Who: Damphyr and Ribbon
When: Thurs evening about 11 pm
Where: The House of Horrors
What: Mason meets an unexpected visitor
Warnings: possible lang
The better of two evils? )

Jul. 15th, 2009


The world has already fallen down.

Who: Violet OT Anole
When: Mid-morning, July 15
Where: Red Block; Violet's new cell
What: Violet is informed of what's really happened.
Notes: I know my posting is going to be slow, but at least this way I don't have to backdate things. :-P

Some things are better left unsaid. That doesn't make the reality any different. )
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Jul. 14th, 2009


Who: Mist OTA
Where: Beach
What: Toes in the Sand
Warnings: TBD

The sea is my home, and one day I shall return to her. )

Jul. 13th, 2009


Who: Victor Creed, OTA
What: Victor's ears need some rest from the new residents in Green block.
Where: The beach
When: Monday afternoon

Bubbles- ephemeral and so transparent- )


Announcement sent to Yellow Block Owners and mutants )

Jul. 12th, 2009


Who: Pixie and Anole
Where: Coffee Shop-ish
When: Sunday night
Warnings: shiny happy people?

The shine of a smile can often cut through the dust and grime of all of life's tribulations. )


Who: Forge, OTA
When: Sunday evening
Where: The Island Bar
What: Forge is unwinding after an overly long day of working
Steel on the skyline Sky made of glass Made for a real world All things must pass )
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Who: Endless OTA
When: Sunday
Where: Green Block
What: Checking out the new residents in Green Block

ashes, ashes, we all fall down )
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