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Jan. 2nd, 2011


In the inner court yard (Open)

Sarah Bailey was staring off in the distance, sitting on the ground with her arms hugging her legs. Her chin was resting on her knees, her back pressed against the wall in the inner courtyard. A rather childlike yet comfortable position as she watched the other patients, vaguely aware they were there. The drugs kept the witch’s mind and memory fuzzy to the point that Sarah thought she was still in Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. That was the name of the hospital her father had brought her after Sarah had slit her wrists back in San Francisco. Her mind had made the logical assumption she was still there.

Occasionally Sarah wondered about this as she didn’t remember there being quite so many people here before or that the hospital was so large. The dreams she had also troubled Sarah as well, dreams of girls who could fly, being able to change her appearance with a gesture, a troubled boy and lightening, always lightening. Sometimes she wondered if these dreams had been real but such thoughts usually went away after the nurses gave her the daily dosage of sedatives.

She was one of the quieter patients who never made a fuss, not even after she had first woken up in the hospital. Being in a psychiatric hospital had been too familiar for Sarah and though she had power, it was not in Sarah’s nature to lash out unprovoked. There had been no need to restrain the witch for long and the drugs she had been given had made it impossible for Sarah to concentrate long enough to use her powers. In fact, Sarah had forgotten all about her powers and believed it was part of the hallucinations she suffered. A strangely comforting belief for if the powers were a hallucination then Sarah had nothing to feel guilty about. She hadn't done anything wrong and the boy, Chris, he wasn’t real so she couldn’t have killed him.

As for why Sarah was sitting outside by herself, she was seeking some peace and quiet. The television in the common room had been too loud for her tastes and she liked being outside more than she liked being cooped up inside. It was comforting to feel the ground beneath her, to feel the air on her skin. She felt connected which Sarah knew was insane. How could she feel connected to the earth? The thought made her chuckle and Sarah muttered to herself, “Crazy new age bullshit”. Naturally that would be when Sarah realized someone was approaching, just as she was talking to herself like a nut job. “I’m not crazy”, she said to stranger as though she sensed the accusation coming. Too bad Sarah didn’t quite believe her own words.