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Oct. 19th, 2011


Taxation With Hooded Representation [Open]

Discontent paled in comparison to explain how Robin felt about suddenly being thrust from his home of merry old England and into the bowels of this nameless city. But it was not simply that he was displaced from all that was familiar. It was that this new range of land and dwellings were so completely alien to him that he did not know how to begin to make a mark for himself. So, after his untimely arrival and subsequent meeting of the Lost Boy, Robin kept to the woodland that seemed to border every edge of The City proper. True, it was not always bordering the same edges, as Robin had noted that the forest, itself, appeared to move (by some magic unknown to him.) But Robin soon learned how to remain within the tree coverings and avoid confrontation with those rock-solid roads and the blaring noises of fast-moving carriages (horseless and engulfing of the individuals on the inside.)

The technology was beyond him in knowledge and understanding. And though he was no fool when it came to books and learning, he knew when to yield to something beyond his own capacity. And figuring out The City was one of those things.
So Robin did what he was best suited for. )

Sep. 1st, 2011


Can't See the Forest for the-- SUVs? [Open]

Robin leapt down from the tree branch atop the horse-drawn wagon carrying the Sheriff's most recent tax collections. The two wagon guards momentarily lost control of the reins as Robin whacked them upside the back of their heads with his bow. The one guard reached down to grab the reins, redirecting the horses back onto the the dusty trail towards Nottingham. The other climbed onto the back of the wagon, throwing punches without aim.

"I believe you have something that belongs to the people of Nottingham!" Robin cried out as he kicked the punching guard off the wagon.

It was a game to him. A tag between himself and the dishonorable Sheriff that pillaged and plundered the few pennies the poor people of the outlying villages had to their names. A game that Robin had no doubt he would win, provided the Sheriff continued to employ such thick-skulled twits to do his bidding.
A trail of gold coins left in his wake. )

Apr. 17th, 2009


polar bear swim. [ robin + much ]

Marian would be sore at him for two reasons should she rise before he returned. One, he was standing at the edge of the rickety dock that stretched out across the unusually dark waters of the park's pond. The very pond which had been Marian's portal into this strange place.

Secondly, he'd taken her horse to get there this morning. The animal whuffled, hoof pawing at the ground in almost an impatient manner as it waited, tied to a tree on the shore.

A few rowboats were moored there along the dock, bumping against each other every now and again as a morning wind cut across the otherwise still waters. There'd been a few boats pulled up onto the shore and turned over; under one such as that Robin had stowed his weapons, footwear and hooded shirt. His toes curled over the edge of the last plank and Robin looked down into the water. In the morning light he could make out the waving shadows of plant life, the occasional darting shape of a fish flittering out from under the dock and back into it's safety again. More than anything, the water looked cold. A trace of his large toe across the surface confirmed it. A chilly swim was hardly a hardship to the displaced Lord of Locksley.

Robin clapped his hands together and inhaled deeply, his chest expanding with the rush of air to his lungs. Stalling no longer, his knees flexed and he sprung forward, arms stretched out in front of him, breaking the surface of the water first as the rest of his body followed. The cold water strung his flesh at first and when Robin surfaced post-dive his mouth was open wide in a gasping inhale. Drops of water flew from his dampened hair as he shook his head and started to swim towards the pond's center. His head turned once back to look at the shore before he inhaled deeply again and ducked beneath the surface. A series of powerful kicks propelled the outlaw further down, eyes searching as they adjusted to this underwater view before them. But there was nothing to see, nothing that he was hoping to see. No trace of some mystical portal, not even so much as a sunken rowboat. It was not unlike the lake where he'd gone swimming as a boy. His feet panted against the soft clay bottom of the pond floor and he jettisoned himself up towards the surface again, gasping again as he broke through to the air.

Feb. 19th, 2009


Couples in the park (Everyone - Cupid)

The day was crisp and clear. Only a slight warm breeze made the leaves of the trees move, making the dappled light on the ground below shimmer and dance. Playing shadows over the faces of the playing children and the walking couples in the area.

The Valentine's day spirit had taken up residence in many, and was showing thusly in the store windows. Nobody had yet taken down their decorations. The sales for jewelry and candy went on, with the hope that more would be bought and lavished upon those who were loved and loving.

There was a man carrying balloons for sale. A woman carrying a basket of assorted flowers that never seemed to empty, no matter how many of her beautiful wares were bought. Another man pushing an ice cream cart, and a lady in a colorful outfit giving out free cotton candy and selling roasted nuts. There were performers of every sort. People on stilts, people juggling. A fire breather, yes, right in the middle of it all, carefully showing what she could do. A belly dancer dancing around in a circle, a sword swallower doing his thing in the middle of that circle. It was almost like a circus, this show for the lovers.

It seemed as if everything was greener. The sky bluer. The flowers more radiant and filled with scent. The water of the lake clearer, with paddle boats and row boats gliding over it's surface easily. The birds sang sweeter. All was perfect.

ooc )

Jan. 10th, 2009


All washed up (Marian arrives, open to anyone on the street)

Things were getting more complicated. Ever since Robin's return and the escalation of hostilities it had been harder and harder to continue with duties as the Nightwatchman. Father had done little to help, even if he had pride in her for her ability and the noble work she did, he still feared overly much for her. She was still just a woman and her life was being tugged this way and that by men. She was sick to death of the control they lorded over her.

Marian had come to a decision on her father was grudgingly accepting and one she knew would not please neither Robin nor Guy. If her life was to be ruled by men then she would separate herself from them. She would join the Holy Order and take vows, her life would be spent in a nunnery where the only male of consequence would be the Lord.

She was loath to tell the Gisburne and Locksely, fearing they would react similarly, and she had not the strength to face a confrontation from them both.She resolved that it was a necessary matter and that she would, in due course, ride into Nottingham to speak with Guy first. After a good hot bath, something in the simple act that cleansed spirit and soothed the mind. She could do well with some soothing of her overly worried thoughts.

Warm water eased her muscles and felt wonderful on the healing wound Guy unwittingly left on her in their encounter under her guise of the 'watchman. She had managed to play off the injury during her attendance at the fair with Sir Guy, and thankfully it felt as though it was healing well. In fact the bath was refreshing enough to let her drift in a daze of peace. She should wash her hair, and with an impulsive motion dunked herself under the water.
Liquid silence swam around her, she closed her eyes and felt the tiny bubbles of air leak from her nose, striving for the surface, for freedom.


A chill ran through the water and Marian shoved herself upward, her hands and feet met no resistance! A moment of panic hit her, eyes opened wide and she twisted her body round. It was as if the confines of the tub were...well....gone. Light..she saw light above her shimmering through the water. She swam for it, hard strong pulls of her arms taking her upward until she broke the surface with a hard loud gasp.

She was in some large pool or more rightly a lake. did she get here? )

Nov. 14th, 2008


Unhappy and undead. (Narrative, open.)

Two days ago. )

Today. )

Aug. 9th, 2008


Wolves in the Commons (open)

((Just FYI, the dialogue in italics is these two speaking in Beast, which is (as far as I can figure) a mix of mostly body language and limited telepathy-ish, with some occasional vocal bits thrown in.))

Two days had passed. Two days of confusion where neither Firekeeper nor Blind Seer had any clue where they were or how they had arrived. There had been drowsing in the heat of the day, when it was too warm to travel to Hawk Haven from the Iron Mountains, and then there had been this new place, with its new smells and sounds and sights.

Once the initial anger and confusion had passed, Firekeeper had to admit that it could have been much worse. )

As evening fell, the glow of the small fire illuminated the underside of the bridge, and the smell of roasting squirrel spitted on a stick began to waft out. Blind Seer snored next to her, a mound of thick gray fur who made sure to keep her between him and the fire, for fear of catching himself alight. She kept a careful watch on her dinner, huddled in on herself, dark eyes catching the firelight.