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Aug. 21st, 2008


Not Happening [ open ]

It wasn't so much that Crowley felt the earth quake as much as he noticed his Bentley shift suddenly and unexpectedly on the street. Nor was it so much that he bothered with more than a 'what the?' until it came a second and a third time. By then it had become an annoyance.

Someone was shaking the earth. Or at the very least, shaking The City.

Crowley pulled over, lest he hit someone, opened the door and proceeded to get out and look around. What he saw, as he lifted his sunglasses, didn't please him. Quite the opposite. It filled him with a sort of dread.

Very little surprised him anymore, or so he had thought until he came to The City. His entire transplantation to the City was bizarre enough - leaving him a touch homesick even though he had his flat in perfect order. Then there was the woman who seemed to seek some sort of sexual relations with him, and the girl who called herself a 'scientist' while staring at him as if he were of another world (never mind that he actually was) and now a monster.

But not just any monster. The City had to go an provide itself some large lizard / dinosaur looking thing. Which by large was meant gargantuan.

The first thought that crossed the demon's mind was that he should get in his car and keep moving before the Bentley got destroyed again. The second, and slightly more verbal thought, came out as a stern and disbelieving, "No." Nothing more. Nothing less.

Aug. 1st, 2008


The Black Diamond

A heartbeat.

That’s what the bass sounded like from outside as it thrummed against the walls of the high-end club. An irregular, thumping sound that you could actually feel in your chest. Something that was alive and hypnotic. It dared and enticed the occaisional passerby to inch just a little closer. To approach those dark windows. To give into curiosity.

To forget about morals and scruples for just a moment...and live.

Stepping into the Black Diamond Club, it took on an even stronger form of a living entity. The lights swirling and flickering their way across near-naked bodies that writhed and ground against one another on the dance floor.

The heartbeat was louder here, and now it was accompanied with the sound of breath. You could hear it. Even over the music, the whispered gasps and sighs that escaped the lips of those delicious nymphs as they danced their rings with one another…with their boys…with anyone that would place their hands on their smooth, glistening flesh and guide them away into the music.

In the midst of this throng of people, on one of the raised stages, a beautiful blond was currently twisting her body sensually around the silver pole that she held onto, writhing her way down its surface. The flickering lights caught at her smooth, tanned skin, illuminating those seductive curves that moved in perfect time with the music around her. Curved hips rolled against the cold metal, lost in the sound of that heartbeat that matched her own pulse.

Nancy Callahan was a new acquisition of the Black Diamond. Sexy and mysterious, no one knew exactly where she had come from. She'd simply turned up at the club one morning, looking for a job. The owner asked to see what she had to offer...and she found herself hired right on the spot.

There was no more need for questions beyond that.

Nancy tossed those long, blond locks of hers and her lips parted in quiet breaths. Eyes scanned the swarming crowd of dancers as her hands eased their way across her bare midrift in a tantalizing manner.

What sort of secrets rested in those large, dark eyes of hers?

Who would be the one to find out?

(You don't have to interact with Nancy. This thread is open to anyone that is looking for a good time and just wants to party at the Black Diamond. ;) )