May 2017




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Mar. 25th, 2016


Unlikely Friends (Maleficent)

"Whaddya talkin' about, ya chump?" Harley snapped, hands on her hips as she leaned forward and glared at a man whom easily dwarfed her and outweighed her by two hundred pounds or more at least. "Well?" She demanded.

The large, thick man shifted uneasily from one foot to the other in a way that might suggest either distress or needing to use the facilities quickly. "I, uh...couldn't get ya anything, boss..."

Harley rolled her eyes. "Ya useless. I should feed ya to tha dogs for bein' so dumb. But I'm feelin' generous today. Guess ya in luck. Get back out there and don't come back until ya have something useful for me," Harley said, voice soft and soothing. The large man nodded quickly, before turning. He scurried away from the petite blonde in fear of his life.

"Useless....why is it so hard ta get good help around here? A girl don't want much..." She breathed to herself, folding her arms across her chest as she watched the larger man fade out of sight.

Finally she turned and picked up the baseball bat she'd been using before the interruption. The night was still young and Harley was bored. Taking over the city seemed like a very large task but with an arsenal of lunatics at her disposal, at least it was fun to watch the drama.

She swung the bat and shattered a large display window. The sound of the glass breaking brought the smile back to her painted face. Her eyes gleamed with satisfaction and she felt complete amidst the chaos. The siren of the closed shop blared at the night and a few people on the streets began running away from the sound.

Turning away, Harley clutched her bat and skipped down the sidewalk, looking for something else to smash into pieces.

Dec. 8th, 2015


A home fit for a Queen (Maleficent)

The task was finally complete.

The brick and mortar laid. The structure tall and strong. The inside regal and suitable for its occupant. It had been a chore long awaiting completion and now that time had finally come. Logan could look at the structure and be proud of what he had built. He could only hope that Maleficent liked it just as much as he did. He had built it to her exact specifications, down to the last bauble of decoration.

At present, Logan was fitting the last panel of curtain in the living area, a vast expanse of luxury and wealth. Though it exuded regality, there was something about the home that never lost its charm. It was a fortress, a protective lair, but a home just the same. It wasn't without its secrets, Logan had built the place with divots and perches, places for the Queen and her bird to conceal themselves if anyone found themself brave enough to take on the home and invade it.

He doubted that would ever happen, someone would have to be out of their mind to approach Maleficent with haste and the intent to do harm. She could fend for herself, he had seen some of her magic work. And there was always the ring, that circle of a connection they shared between them in the event something did happen that she couldn't control.

Logan slid down the ladder, folded it up and carried it down through the hallway to the foyer. Crossing the threshold, the mutant crossed out in to the sunlight and carried the ladder back to the truck. He secured it with tie downs and then turned to behold the small structure that the Queen had taken as residence while he finished her home. It was time to tell her.

Without a glance at the truck, Logan moved for the smaller abode. Once at the door he paused and knocked gently, knowing he could knock the thing over if he wanted to without much effort. "Maleficent? You home?" He called softly. He didn't need to shout, that wasn't necessary. But he didn't know if she was home or not either.

He would just have to wait and see.

Aug. 18th, 2015


Integration (Logan)

She had remained secluded for too long, she thought. It had been some time since she'd last seen the face of another. Diaval was fine company, of course, but the Fairy Queen was realizing that she had need of company. That she actually missed people. She thought many times of Evey Hammond, Ben Flynn, and Eric Draven. She thought more of Logan.

Diaval knew that she needed to get out of the forest and explore, but the witch was stubborn. It took him a very long time to convince her to make an exit, and then she refused to let him go find Logan or Selina, he knew it was because she didn't want to be entirely alone for even that long.

Finally, Maleficent decided upon the ring that she'd made for her friend. It was supposed to be used in emergency situations, she'd told him that if she ever needed him, she would let him know through the ring. She needed him now, but it wasn't dire. Diaval reminded her that it was her magic, and she could bend it to her will. Eventually she relented.

Her eyes closed, she concentrated. Through the ring she sent a warm sensation. A request, instead of a demand. A whisper instead of a scream. Maleficent hoped that Logan would understand she was not in trouble, not that kind.

Then she waited.

Feb. 8th, 2015


Next Steps (Maleficent)

Like an early morning fog, a kind of confusion settles over a mind rising from a deep sleep after a particular trial. In the first few moments of consciousness, the peace of sleep lingers - but then the sun of something not right shines over that peace, piercing it through and scattering it to the wind. And so it was for Evey, after waking from nearly a week's worth of enchanted sleep. When she remembered completely the circumstances, her stomach fell.

The collective was safe. Peter was happy. For these things, Evey was truly pleased, truly relieved. But their exodus from the TARDIS left her with nothing to do. Her hands, for the first time since London, were completely idle. There was nothing she could use to distract herself, and there was no one who needed her. Oh, Peter would argue that point. Evey knew better. Peter Petrelli was made to endure. And both of them knew that he would outlive her by centuries at the very least. No, she was indeed unneeded. That was good. That was what she wanted. But the emptiness...

After a utilitarian shower, Evey found the key Maleficent had left her and used it when discovering that it was needed. Pocketing that enchanted article, Evey stepped out into the TARDIS corridor. The lights were dimmed and flickering. Power had always been a struggle for the ship, and now that there were no people inside it to support, it seemed even the TARDIS was leaving in its own way. Evey walked past the storage rooms that had once kept the collective alive, and through the console room of the TARDIS itself. There were many memories in this place. Only a precious few clung to her.

"Can I stay?" Evey asked the console room. In answer, the lights dimmed even further. With a nod, Evey walked out into the bright sunlight and didn't look back when the TARDIS doors closed behind her.

There was a city somewhere out past the forest. She didn't know the direction she should go, but it seemed that she was meant to go all the same. Evey began walking, then, knowing that she needed higher ground to see anything at all. She considered calling Peter, but... there was a buoyant joy radiating from the presence inside her mind, and it was so strong and so bright that Evey winced from it. She didn't want to interrupt. She didn't want anything to do with it. So she walked.

Jan. 31st, 2015


Curiosities (Ariel)

Maleficent had not left the island for the city beyond the bridge. She had felt no need to do so. Despite the fact that there was very little activity on the side with the dinosaurs anymore - aside from the dinosaurs themselves, of course, she had no desire to explore.

Not just yet, anyway.

Evey's slumber took a sort of precedence over her own curiosity. The girl slept because of her, and even though the fairy queen had put a secure protection spell over the room, she didn't want to risk anybody doing her harm. Maleficent felt that Evey's trust had just barely been earned, and any misstep might damage that. Though she couldn't say why Evey's trust was so important.

Still clad in more modern clothing, Evey walked away from the strange blue box that had once housed the collective. She had gone to observe it and make sure it was still in the place she'd left it, that the sleeping figure inside had gone undisturbed. In the distance, she spied a shock of red hair. There was only one person that she knew of with hair like that on this particular island.

Slowly she moved toward it, not wanting to frighten anyone by appearing too quickly.

"Did you explore over there?" She asked, when she was finally in view.

Jan. 4th, 2015


Remainder (Maleficent)

Peter wasn't dead or gone. He was here. Not on the island, not with the TARDIS, but in a city nearby with Leeloo, and that was enough. Once she was certain she hadn't lost her best friend to circumstance, she returned to the TARDIS to spread the word about what had happened, about what the rumbling had been, about their changed reality...

... only that's not what Evey did. She walked into the TARDIS, yes, and she walked down the corridor where the living quarters were, yes -- but she was as capable of explaining or reassuring as a wall was capable of those things. When her feet took her to the end of the corridor, she turned around and walked back in the direction she'd come. Eventually, she found herself in Storage Room #3, sorting building materials.

There was no real thought to it. She simply worked, hand over hand, foot after foot. When Peter's thoughts and emotions got too loud, she closed herself off from him again and kept working. There was daylight left, yet, or there should have been. This night cloaking the TARDIS now was artificial and therefore unreal. She needed to work.