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Jul. 28th, 2009


The gold gold glow of home (Tink, City+city park, Fallen)

buzz whirr

The sound of wings was soft, like a hummingbird as the small glinting form zoomed around in jerking swift movements. Tinkerbell had been all over this city since her arrival, met a rather night pirate with the biggest musket she'd ever seen! He had been quite short haired for a pirate but he was none the-less quite a site. She had met a madman and his friend, both of whom were quite darling. But now she was looking for something of her own...and she might have just spotted it!

Tinkerbell and the amazing floating dreamhouse )

May. 22nd, 2009


Lying down on the job. (Open.)

It had been a long night. Before that, it had been a long day; and even before that, it had been another long night. The Winchesters were used to getting sleep when they could and where they could, but they never just dropped in the middle of a gig.

At least, not unless they were very, very tired.

The three tables were situated on an open green in one of the park's numerous clearings. A battered tin trash can was chained to the only occupied table, which supported a heap of books both open and closed and black thermos with the lid off. The younger Winchester had his head cushioned on the curve of one thick arm with an open book as a pillow, a book that was literally indecipherable unless you were used to picking out meaning from handwritten medieval French. The little cup of coffee was stone cold next to his other elbow, which rested on a few newer books that proved to be facsimiles of other French manuscripts. Lay le Freine was the uppermost. His cellphone marked a page of an Old French Language Resource.

For once, Sam was unarmed and unharmed. He looked more like a student than someone who had recently come off a battlefield. He was not so much asleep as "dead to the world" and it took a lot of the grimness from his usual expression.

Apr. 30th, 2009


unexpected company TAG Liandra fallen angel

Everyone had ways to blow off steam. Frank was OK with that. He was not fine with people that dealt poison to those that could not escape it's grip.

The Razor was a charming piece of crap watering hole that featured loud music, low lights, underage drinkers and heroin being dealt in the men's room.
Those that couldn't pay would steal, or offer favors for the need that screamed inside them. Innocence was the first victim of war. Tonight innocence could have the tally helped along.

Frank shouldered his way through the crowd. It parted fairly readily for him. He did not blend well with the emaciated twinks, and emo scarecrows that frequented the bar. He began to approach the bathrooms. His hand drifted under his trenchcoat, flicking off the thumb break that held his pistol on place.

Apr. 6th, 2009


Getting the Hang of Things (Open)

Elizabeth had been confused about the city for awhile. She'd also been here for awhile and now everything seemed to make sense. Well as much as they could make sense. She understood that there seemed to be no real way to get home and finish the war they'd started. She also knew now that the city enjoyed its tricks. Falling in love with a random man, who was shorter than she was, was crazy enough. Falling out of it so quickly had made her heart hurt. She recalled the fact that Jack hadn't been around, William was no where, and James was dead.

A lot of her hurt these days.

But now she had the hang of its never ending turns, being lost was normal, and coca-cola was not to be hit with your sword. You pulled on the little metal top thing and opened it and the can would give you it's sugar water center. Still.

She had a lot to get used to. Having money, a constant never ending pocket full was nice. The jean's she was wearing were weird. Dean had told her, what seemed forever ago, that this is what women wore. She had half a mind to find a real dress and put that on and try to find out where the rest of her friends had run off to. Where was Jack. Had William come here yet? Were there any other pirates in town?

Elizabeth found herself seated at a table on the sidewalk, drinking her can of coca-cola, which she was now addicted to, and watching the street for any signs of someone she knew. Someone to talk to who made a little more sense than the city itself.

Maybe she should try jumping into the water at the docks again. Maybe that would send her home.

Mar. 6th, 2009


either you slang correctly or don't slang at all [Arrival, open to anyone]

Virgil just didn't get it. This wasn't Dakota City..he got that part. Sure. But that was he part that didn't make sense. The last time he traveled through time and cities there had been factors. This time? Not so much. He was just..there. Staring down a long city street still dressed in hero gear. Holding a half folded meta disk at his side. How did this always happen. A gloved hand rubbed the back of his neck as he stared in awe. The city was bigger than Dakota, sure. But it was unfamiliar territory. He was alone.
this is whack )

Feb. 3rd, 2009


In need of a drink

[Open for Lee or any other interested ladies]

A warm wind swirled around the doctor as he walked out of the hospital. He frowned, looking on the ground for the mounds of snow that had been there when he arrived. All gone. And now he was starting to sweat in his heavy wool coat.

Wilson pulled his coat off and folded it over one arm. He looked right and left, but no one was in sight. He contemplated going home to his lonely apartment, ordering in dinner and watching a dvd, but it held no appeal. After his talk with Cameron, he realized he did need to get out more.

He decided to start tonight.

He walked aimlessly around the street, looking for a bar that wasn't too upscale or too run down. Wilson wanted a place that served some bar food, a few kind of beer, and no fancy drinks with umbrellas. He found himself before a solid wooden door about 15 minutes after leaving the hospital, pushing his way into a slightly full bar playing BB King.

He hung his coat over a barstool and slid himself on, motioning over the bartender.

"A Guinness from the tap, thanks. Is there a menu?"

Jan. 14th, 2009


Snow Day [Snowed In]

(For Bella, Veronica, Dick, Bruce B, Lee, Edward and Simon)

Making the snowman had been extremely fun, and Jeannie was very pleased to have met a new friend. She genuinely liked people, and the truth was, she was more than a little lonely. While she enjoyed meeting all the people that she had since coming to this place, not one of them had really stayed. There was no one that she saw regularly. While she liked her new master, it was not at all the same as having a human master who was always there. To talk to. To serve. To love.

But when the snow became too bad, it was no longer quite as fun. It became too difficult to hold a conversation. So reluctantly, Jeannie made her good-byes and watched as Liz disappeared into the growing storm.

For a bit, Jeannie wandered through the chilled and changed landscape. Here and there, she ran into people that needed a bit of help dealing with the ever-deepening snow. All of them received aid in some fashion or other. Except for the last man. )

Dec. 24th, 2008


So this is Christmas. (Open to divine, formerly divine, semi-divine, and general humbug types.)

While most people celebrated their winter holiday of choice with family and friends, or at least with a TV or radio simulating that warmth, Lee worked on drinking herself blind at a bar. How could she not? The whole affair was like a perpetual reminder that she had been kicked out.

"Another one, and keep 'em coming," she told the bartender. He was only still serving her drinks because she had helped save his ass during that weird zombie attack, and even that gratefulness was wearing thin. She was drinking more than usual tonight, and no wonder. Where was her son? What was he doing right now, all these years after she had given him up? Did he hate the sappy-assed songs about snow and togetherness and all that crap as much as she did?

"You got any plans tonight, boss?" she mumbled skyward. She waited a minute, but no answer came. "Same to you," she said, turning her attention back to her drink and wishing for blessed unconsciousness.

God, she hated Christmas.

Dec. 21st, 2008


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP SIX

Scavenger Hunt. Pair off. Each pair has to find:
- The tooth of a four fingered homeless man
- A unicorn's eyelash
- Blowfish venom
- A pocket watch
- Mittens

Dec. 1st, 2008


On the Rooftop (Lee, otherwise open)

Susan had been trapped on the rooftop for what felt like weeks by now. She had become a roof based fighter via her bow and arrows, shooting into mobs of zombies to help others escape. It was something the young queen knew she had to do and then it went quiet again. She had not slept much since landing in The City and to make matters worse she was also getting sick. It would turn out to just be a nasty cold but anyone who ventrued past the roofttop she was holed up on would only find a young teen girl that looks as miserable as she feels. For now she held onto her bow and arrows, wrapped up in a blanket she had found a few nights before.

Susan Pevensie was offically both sick and miserable in more ways than one.

Nov. 18th, 2008


Girls Night Out Part II: When Zombies Hit On You (Zombies, Lee)

So Lee and Catwoman had been holed up in the bar for about a week now.

With the people they had saved, they'd been able to keep the zombies at bay.

But now, they were running out of food. (Salty snacks weren't all that wonderful for anyone.) So Catwoman was going to look for food across the rooftops. Lee had been worried about the plan at first, but Catwoman knew her way across the rooftops... she just hoped she could find some food for the rest of them. Or at least a close safe-haven.

Catwoman was now about 3 rooftops away from the bar building - and there were zombies on the streets as far as the eye could see. Not a whole lot else. She was trying to get her bearings.

The first thing they needed was food. About four blocks away she saw a corner grocery store. Selina made it to the store and saw that there were a few zombies milling around outside, but it didn't look like there was anything or anyone inside.

She gathered all of the groceries she could and after her third trip up the stairs she was tired, but she figured she was good. It was then that a zombie came for her. She was much quicker than the creature, but it was able to make a grab for her mask. She screamed and ran up the stairs, throwing cans of food at the monster. She slammed the door to the rooftop shut, found a wrench and was able to make sure the door would never open again.

Carrying a large amount of canned food from rooftop to rooftop was rather difficult. But she was determined and hungry. It wasn’t until she reached the rooftop of the bar building that she realized that her mask was off. She swore and called down the stairs for Lee.

“Lee, I need you up here. I was attacked.”

Nov. 2nd, 2008


Girls' night out (Selina, open)

As soon as Catwoman left, Lee jumped down from her rooftop perch and landed solidly on the ground several floors below. She figured that her quick exit left her enough spare time to go buy those cigarettes that she had been craving. The man working the counter at the corner store was either too polite to say anything about her choice of wardrobe or used to seeing costumed people walking around buying M&Ms and Marlboros. She didn't ask which.

She paused outside the store to light up, almost smiled at the familiar sensation of it all, and headed for the bar for some beer and girl talk. Weird. She was actually looking forward to it.

Aug. 29th, 2008


Up on a Rooftop (Lee)

Catwoman sat on the rooftop, enjoying the cool night air of The City and watching the clouds roll across the full moon.

That was one thing about this place, the air wasn't polluted like it could be in Gotham.

Stars twinkled high above, but she didn't recognize any of the constellations. The constellations of The City were something new and different. She idly wondered if the library would contain the names of the new constellations.

She sat relaxing. She had always been an insomniac, but tonight she'd gotten to sleep fairly early. The night had called her from her sleep though, and she had responded by donning her costume and heading up to the rooftop of her apartment building. From there, it had been easy to glide from rooftop to rooftop until she found one that looked comfortable to watch the sky from.

Aug. 1st, 2008


The Black Diamond

A heartbeat.

That’s what the bass sounded like from outside as it thrummed against the walls of the high-end club. An irregular, thumping sound that you could actually feel in your chest. Something that was alive and hypnotic. It dared and enticed the occaisional passerby to inch just a little closer. To approach those dark windows. To give into curiosity.

To forget about morals and scruples for just a moment...and live.

Stepping into the Black Diamond Club, it took on an even stronger form of a living entity. The lights swirling and flickering their way across near-naked bodies that writhed and ground against one another on the dance floor.

The heartbeat was louder here, and now it was accompanied with the sound of breath. You could hear it. Even over the music, the whispered gasps and sighs that escaped the lips of those delicious nymphs as they danced their rings with one another…with their boys…with anyone that would place their hands on their smooth, glistening flesh and guide them away into the music.

In the midst of this throng of people, on one of the raised stages, a beautiful blond was currently twisting her body sensually around the silver pole that she held onto, writhing her way down its surface. The flickering lights caught at her smooth, tanned skin, illuminating those seductive curves that moved in perfect time with the music around her. Curved hips rolled against the cold metal, lost in the sound of that heartbeat that matched her own pulse.

Nancy Callahan was a new acquisition of the Black Diamond. Sexy and mysterious, no one knew exactly where she had come from. She'd simply turned up at the club one morning, looking for a job. The owner asked to see what she had to offer...and she found herself hired right on the spot.

There was no more need for questions beyond that.

Nancy tossed those long, blond locks of hers and her lips parted in quiet breaths. Eyes scanned the swarming crowd of dancers as her hands eased their way across her bare midrift in a tantalizing manner.

What sort of secrets rested in those large, dark eyes of hers?

Who would be the one to find out?

(You don't have to interact with Nancy. This thread is open to anyone that is looking for a good time and just wants to party at the Black Diamond. ;) )

Jul. 30th, 2008


MM13 [Liandra]

Pretty little angel, wandering the earth.
Wanting to protect those she lived amongst now.

Lost her wings, forced to stay here.
Was it suffering or has she accepted her fate?

If she died, would she return to her previous existence?
We would have to see.

The City wanted answers.
And the questions lay in her.

Walking slowly, coming up quick.
The knife moved fast so she wouldn't suffer.

Pretty little angel, not wandering the earth anymore.

Jul. 25th, 2008


MM - Rooftop prowl (Open)

Lee thought that she was adjusting to the City fairly well, all things considered. She'd found an apartment that suited her needs--small, spartan, and it came complete with her stuff from the tiny house that she rented in Louisiana. She'd thought it better not to ask about that part. She'd even found that her leg hadn't been broken after all. The morning after she collapsed into bed, she'd found that while it hurt like a motherfucker, it was still usable. She'd taken a few days to soak it in hot water, watch bad daytime TV, and pop painkillers. Now she walked with only a slight tendency to favor that leg, and tried to avoid bumping into any chairs or counters. There was still a rather large bruise that covered most of her thigh, though it was finally starting to fade from angry purples and red to a sick greenish-yellow in places.

She'd even found a job, after a fashion: back to teaching gym at the local school. It could have been worse. Lee had never been one for a desk job, and she preferred working with kids to working with adults.

And it seemed there was other work for her here. She'd been hearing about a series of murders, and she was bored enough to look into it. She'd patched up her cloak and hood yet again and had leaped to the top of a building downtown, watching.

((Not just open to the characters who like prowling rooftops! She can jump down and join whatever character gets thrown in if they don't feel like being several stories up in the air.))

Jul. 14th, 2008


A Not-So-Perfect Landing [Open]

"This isn't right. My trajectory is all off. Computer? Computer, calculate relative velocity to previous position," Jake voiced to the computer interface of his spacecraft.

The computer made a few beeps and blinked a few lights. Jake nudged a few dials with his paws to check on the readout. This couldn't be happening. He was way off course! He couldn't even calculate the position of his Mother Ship.

"This is Zunar J5/9 Doric 4-7 contacting Mother Ship. Mother, do you copy?"

"This is M-- ther-- ip -- come --n Zunar J5/-- Dor-- even -- You're breakki-- upp."

"Mother Ship, your transmission is cutting out. Transmit on frequency Alpha Bravo Two Three Five Dash Seven, over."

"Can't trans-- bravo delta -- off course -- Zunar, copy--"

The static was making it almost impossible for Jake to decipher the voice on the other end of the frequency. His collar glowed as he mentally tried to find a frequency that would allow him to come in clearer, but he was quickly distracted by a flashing red light on the center of his control console.

May. 31st, 2008


Back on the Job [open]

Jo wasn't sure what exactly happened to people who had amnesia and then got their memory back again. Did they go back to their jobs? Jo had to admit that maybe it was that way for her. She had no formal education in anything, except for maybe hustling people and bar tending. Growing up in a roadhouse had perhaps yielded to her some information after all. She wasn't sure what the City was up to, but after trying to find the bar where she used to work, she was forced to go job hunting again. The one thing about bars was that if you had a pretty face, chances were that they would hire you. That is, except for when the bar maid that they hired pulled out a shotgun and knew how to use it. That either made sure she stayed or made sure that she got fired.

She was on bar number three for employment before she finally found a permanent job of sorts. The owner was nearly as drunk as his patrons, and for that, Jo was grateful, especially when she could point a shotgun in his face and not get fired. It made the job interesting. The more interesting thing was that the owner's wife seemed to be running the whole operation from behind the scenes, and instantly made sure that Jo got a room in the back after she pointed the shotgun.

Cleaning off the bar after a long night of serving drinks and cleaning it, Jo wasn't surprised that quite a few people were passing by outside. The bar never officially closed, serving well into the wee hours of the morning just to make the money needed to run the place. Jo had been in plenty of bad places before, and this really wasn't so bad. Especially when the men didn't know the dollar bills that they pulled out for tips. Her weapons were safely stored in the back, and right after this, Jo was going to close up. She had to get Hunting again, it was like a beacon calling out to her.