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Jul. 9th, 2011


Invisible friends, invisible together (Six)

The Duke took Six away from Jesse and the man, Gaius, who she had decided to spend her time with. He didn't mind the guy, but he seemed awfully possessive of the girl, and being that this was the first time that John had ever met another so-called invisible friend, he wanted some time away from the ranting and madness to get to know her.

He took her to the botanical gardens, where she could get to see that not every portion of this place was filled with strippers - which he did not approve of, by the way - that it could have some beauty. And where they could also talk alone. Not that it really mattered to them. The people that could see them were off in a bar, having some kind of weird moment together.

"Now, little lady, why don'tcha tell me some about yerself?" He said, motioning toward a bench.

Jun. 6th, 2011


Two Men, Two Invisible Friends, and Too Many Drinks [Jesse]

Being in a city again was like a dream. No, not exactly like a dream. It was more like a surreal virtual reality. Gaius almost didn't believe it was real. In fact, the jury was still out on whether or not he had finally snapped and lost his mind completely. Actually, were it not for his blonde companion's presence, he would have deemed himself completely certifiable. Of course, there were some who might find his attachment to an invisible woman a mark of madness in and of itself, but Gaius had come to see her as an entirely real entity. He didn't know who she was or what she was or why it was that she felt the need to show herself to him and only him -- but she was real. And even if she wasn't really real, she was real to him. And, in a strange sort of way that made no sense under the Gods or under God, she kept him grounded. Not that he still wasn't off the deep end, because he was, but he could have been much worse.

But many people would say that it was impossible for Gaius Baltar to be much worse. Within the short period of a year he'd gone from scientific savior to the fleet's most hated politician. And now? Now he was a Cylon lover. Which, to most humans, was even worse than being a crooked politician.

But he was only doing what she told him to. And why? Because she had been right in the past. Because she had saved his life on numerous occasions. Because she said that God had a plan for him, and he believed her.

"I see you've found something to entertain yourself with while I've been gone," Six whispered from behind his ear.

Gaius quickly turned about, staring at her with wide, worried, desperate eyes.

"Where have you been?"
God doesn't pity the weak, Gaius. )