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Jan. 25th, 2015


Seafaring (open)

The Slice of Life cut through the waves easily. Dexter had taken it out every day this week. He still hadn't really found anyone in the City that was capable of keeping him in check. He'd not killed anyone since he'd returned, despite the fact that he wanted so much to kill the girl, Effie.

He'd avoided Red, though he knew that if she wanted to find him, she would. She hadn't, and he was thankful. Something about her was very dangerous to him. He hadn't seen the cop, Charlie Crews, either. Nor had he stumbled upon his strange neighbor, Wash. That would have at least given his mind something to focus on. Currently he had nothing. There was nobody. Almost daily he'd gone through his phone, hoping that George's or Deb's name would spring up, or Selina's.

There was something wrong with the City, things were off. Twice now he'd spied another land mass while in his boat, but he hadn't quite had the gumption to go explore it. There were other things, too. The guy at his favorite coffee stand was not the same guy, and he'd told Dexter that that guy hadn't been there for almost a year. Which didn't make any kind of sense at all. His apartment had been coated in dust, and that was just ... well. Dexter was a clean kind of guy. Yet the papers all stated that the date was what he thought it should be. Time had always been fluid in the City's walls, of course. But 2013 was 2013, no matter what. Wasn't it? Hadn't it always been?

The confusion and lack of anybody to talk to had driven Dexter to his boat. And while he was on the water, he felt peace. There was nobody out there to fake it for. Nobody he had to be careful around. Just him and the open water. Not really the ocean, of course. If he went far enough, there was a wall. The ocean didn't have a wall. But on some days, the expanse of water between the City proper and the wall was large enough that it took a whole day to cross it.

Dexter pulled the Slice of Life into the dock slip he'd bought, and went about securing the vessel safely.

Jan. 1st, 2015


Still riding the crazy train (Leeloo)

It used to be he could count on less than two hands how many dimensions he'd been too. John didn't think he could still claim that after landing head first in the land of zombies...oh excuse him, Netvores...and now suddenly standing in the middle of the streets of a city. This one wasn't a crumbling city without all the fun toys like running water and electricity so it was a step in the right direction.

For a minute he frowned feeling...something. No idea what it was only for a minute he was dead sure he'd landed in Bette Noir again. But it wasn't that. This wasn't that annoying city he'd ended up in with Tefe and Gemma. It wasn't any place he'd ever been.

And there was no sign of Zee.


"Right. Shit's gone pear shaped again inn't?" At least if there was no sign of Zee there was also no sign of baby Batman. Now baby Supes he could stand to have but it didn't look like that was going to happen either. John pulled one of the precious packs of Silk Cuts Zee had magicked up for him out of his pocket and lit it. Looked like you could get more here and this wasn't the sort of thing he wanted to face without a smoke.

"Okay universe. What d'you want this time?"