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Aug. 24th, 2008


arriving - open to all

There was no one there to remind her that she should blend in with the humans, make herself seem mortal so that they wouldn't all freak out. Her father's voice seemed to be a distant memory in her head, which wasn't entirely surprising. It felt like she'd been forever stuck in that place, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to do anything but be the balance between worlds, the go between. And no, Imara didn't like it. So when she was finally in this place, able to move and to speak, it was no wonder that all things that she'd learned about blending in went right out the window.

It didn't look like the girl had legs, like they just kind of stopped half way down her thighs, a vague swirl of energy or smoke curled down the rest of the way as she tried to figure out exactly what was going on. The first thing that she realized was that she didn't feel right. There was no connection to the other djinn. Her mother and father weren't there, and neither were any of her people.

No wait, that wasn't right, there was this faint something. Maybe one other but they were different. Well she couldn't bother about that now, she had to figure out what was going on. Because the other major difference was the fact that she couldn't feel Mother Earth. That was undoubtedly bad. With no ties to Mother Earth in this place, it all could go horribly out of control. She had only been born a week ago, and now she was some place new, and different and cold.

However it seemed to be alive, maybe not the whole planet, and maybe it wasn't Mother, but this City. It seemed to be awake. Hm. No matter for that now either. Several times she tried to close her eyes and wish herself back home, back to the place where she'd come from but it was no use. All she did was vanish out of thin air and reappear a couple of feet down from where she'd last been several times before stopping.

Just above her and in only one spot did the clouds turn dark and stormy and almost violent but there was no rain. Not just yet. With no one there, she had no idea what to do, standing alone on a sidewalk, staring around her, this woman who was definitely not human waited. But waited for what?

Aug. 19th, 2008


Go Go (Open to anyone and everyone)

It had only recently become aware of the concept of monster movies. In this new body, this new form, it had taken to doing some more human things. One of them had to been to visit something called a video store, rent some videos and find some place to watch them. Since it was The City itself, it just made a house with everything it needed.

One of those videos happened to be Godzilla, featuring a giant angry lizard. It sat intrigued through the whole thing and bolted to it's feet at the end, fresh with a new idea.

There would be a zoo in The City. It would collect animals to put them on display. The City didn't currently have a zoo of it's own, which was sort of sad for the children. But they'd grown up here so they didn't really have a concept of what a zoo was. They would love this.

It would get Godzilla. The monster couldn't be that big, could it? After all, it had ransacked and Japan was a small place to begin with. Just an island. Sort of like The City, only ... different. Plus it had stayed mostly in Tokyo. One city.

After Godzilla, it would get some dinosaurs maybe. A unicorn. A phoenix. Dodo birds. Things that people would know but had never seen in their lives. It would be fantastic. Everybody would be filled with wonder. They would be pleased by what The City had given them.

Retrieving Godzilla as it had everybody else, The City suddenly realized that it had not only misjudged the creature's size, but also it's intelligence and determination. The cage that had been constructed turned out to be rather flimsy.

Just as one of the lesser writers for The City Voice was receiving information about the zoo for an article, Godzilla broke loose.