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Dec. 21st, 2008


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP SEVEN

The actual meaning of life is in one of 10,000 books you're locked in a room with. You have time enough to check every single one, but you can't. You can only open 10 books total.

Note: All the books have normal titles. None gives a clue as to if it holds the secret


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP SIX

Scavenger Hunt. Pair off. Each pair has to find:
- The tooth of a four fingered homeless man
- A unicorn's eyelash
- Blowfish venom
- A pocket watch
- Mittens


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP FIVE

You're in a funhouse maze, but it's no ordinary funhouse maze. The mighty minotaur is stalking you through it, and you have to get to the center of the maze to save the virgins and get back out before it reaches you.


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP FOUR

All verbal communication has to be in the form of questions. If a statement or exclamation is made, everybody in the room forgets everything after the point they were placed in the room. There is a sign in the room that says "Do you know the question?" and the door will open if the right question is asked.


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP THREE

There's a room filled with 500 rare and expensive birds. They all need to be caged, individually, and carefully. No feather must be out of place. No bird harmed. Magic doesn't work on them. There are perches high in the room that the birds can get to easily, and the birds themselves have rather sharp beaks.


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP TWO

You have a camel. You have a regular sewing needle. Try to thread the needle with the camel. The hair doesn't count.


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP ONE

You're all handcuffed together in a circle, facing outward. Handcuffs can't be broken, but there's a key taped to the ceiling. The floor below is metal grating that leads to a bottomless pit. Every two hours the grating retracts half an inch away from the wall.

Note: Hours are not real time hours