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Sep. 12th, 2008


Not the Original Ending [Open]


Henry's face gleamed with pride for having finally (and completely!) conquered the pretentious guttersnipe. Her voice in his parlor, announcing her return to him, signified his success. His success at getting her back! Marry Freddy? Ha! If she had gone off and married Freddy then she would have been the most selfish and ungrateful trollop this side of the known universe. And she would have deserved all of the misery she got from marrying a flouncy mama's boy with no money and no means for taking care of himself. Henry almost wished she hadn't come back. Then he could have mocked her for the rest of her life! That would have pleased him very much.

But, perhaps, not as much as the pleasure he received from knowing that he had won once again. Not only had he turned that squashed cabbage leaf into a princess in front of the entire world, but he had convinced her to return to his home at 27A Wimpole Street, to live with him for the rest of her days. Or until one of them got bored. Why, that's what it was all about after all. Not for the sordid love affair or the lust or the chocolates. But for the fun of it! They played off each other so delightfully well. And now the game would continue. And, naturally, Henry would have the upper hand.

He didn't go crawling to her, after all. (Although he did go whining to his mother.)
Where the devil are my slippers? )