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Feb. 3rd, 2011


Fangtasia (Open to all who want to)

Eric looked around the bar. Appearance wise, it was exactly how he wanted it. Everything was in it's place. The location, however, was still bothering him. He hadn't even really left to explore at all, so he had no idea what was out there. He'd decided that the best way to get to know the people was to draw them in. So he'd had the posters put up by one of the stupid girls who had come to work for him.

He'd thought the twit human he'd had before was bad. The ones, other than George, who had come to find work with him had proven to be no better than goldfish. They had wide, sparkly eyes and ridiculously puckered lips and seemed to drift in circles until he told them specifically what they should be doing. It was obnoxious. He hated all of them. But he couldn't open the bar until he had a staff, and unfortunately, they were the best he could find on short notice. He wasn't willing to put off opening for too long. He needed something to do. Something to keep his mind from stewing about the strange things he'd discovered. Such as - apparently they didn't need deliveries. Every day the bar was refreshed with product. The fact that things around his bar seemed to change on the outside. The store that was across the way one day was not the store that was across the way the next.

At this point, he just needed distraction. Distraction and a way to meet people. Both of which the bar was good at.

Right at ten sharp, he unlocked the front door and placed one of the girls outside as the greeter. He'd rather have had a vampire out there, but as he didn't know any here, he had to make due with what he had. It had caused him a brief amount of wonder, were there any other vampires in this place? He'd sensed nor smelled none since he'd been here, at least not close by. That was both disconcerting and rather interesting. Imagine, being the only vampire in a city. What he could do with that.

Eric returned to his throne at the back of the bar. The place he always sat when the doors opened. Through most of the night, as well. Ready for humans and vampires alike to present themselves to him. It was also the place with the best view of the entire club. There wasn't a corner he couldn't see into, save for the other rooms in back. Luckily he could hear well enough to know if there was anything undue going on back there.

The girls waited for their first customers. A couple danced lazily, joined by a handful of males, at various places scattered about the large open room. Some with poles, some just up on especially sturdy tables. Things he'd arranged for vampires to dance on, not normal humans. But what could he do?


Come one, come all (posted around the city)


Feb. 2nd, 2011


Welcome to Fangtasia (George and Eric log)

Eric moved through the front spaces of Fangtasia, confused and more than a little irritated. He'd stayed here last night in a special place reserved for himself and Pam. He'd gotten up, expecting the night to be like any other night. Of course, when he'd opened the doors he realized that nothing was the same. Looking around for that stupid idiot of a day girl and not finding her just confirmed it. She might have been lacking most of her brain cells, but she knew enough to do her job, do it on time, and do it well.

He couldn't be sure how he'd gotten to this new place, or what this new place even was. It was just not his place, that much was obvious. He was pretty sure it wasn't even Louisiana. His home state had a certain feel, a certain smell, and of course a certain look. This place had none of that. None of it at all. He was in some new, very unusual city, and he was quite sure he wasn't going to like it. At the moment, he wasn't even willing to give it a chance.

At the moment, he was actually trying to get rid of the fucking "Help Wanted" sign that was on the front door. Every time he took it down and threw it away, or crumpled it up and then threw it away, or tore it to tiny little bits and then threw it away, it just reappeared on the door where it had been. He didn't need help. He didn't want help. He had a staff. He would find them and bring them back. Or he would find a way out of this place, where ever it was. Or he would just hole up in Fangtasia until whatever drugs he was on wore off. The thing he would not do? Hire new help. It was out of the question.

Eric sat at the bar on one of the stools. Trying to think of what he should do, how he could get out of this. Trying to control his whirling emotions, though they didn't show on the outside, he had a storm on the inside. Things he wasn't used to feeling normally, things he didn't like feeling. Like confusion. It was not often in his life, even in his life as a human, that Eric had found himself truly confused about anything. That he was now, at this moment, made him more than a little angry. Angry at himself, and the place he was now in. Angry at everything that he could conceivably be angry at. Or about. How does somebody go to sleep one morning and wake up upon sunset in an entirely different place, yet in the very building they went to sleep in?

Fangtasia. That was new. )