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Jan. 30th, 2011


final releases for real (padme)

Elle didn't know how many days it had been. How long, or how short, she didn't even know the time when she'd been handed the release orders. Good. She was really sick of being here hopped up on something or tested out. Run like a freaking battery would be. Elle was GLAD she was free. What she wasn't glad about was that it seemed that the place was nearly, or completely, empty. Was she the last one? Were they mad about her killing/harming/maiming those nurses? Fine. Good. She totally had a right to do that.

Company employee or not.

Here she was standing outside the doors with one other person. Wondering where the hell to go next. The girl, had to be a girl as she didn't look much older than Elle was and Elle was maybe just a bit of an adult.

"So um.. any idea what day it is or what we're suppose to do now? Does your head feel as heavy as mine does?" Elle rubbed some of the blond hair around the back of her head, then smiled cheerfully.


Jan. 3rd, 2011


Satellite of Love {Narrative - or OPEN}

Jack knew when he had first awaken that morning that things were just "not right", and not just with him. He wasn't home that was for sure and it was noisy, and oh yeah, there were bars everywhere. That was just a few of the things he noticed first. However his first thought was that he was back on Satellite 5. And he felt off a bit too. But it was a very very good way to feel off.

It was bright and shiny and Jack was easily distracted by bright and shiny. Some of the nurses and orderly's were very bright and shiny in Jack's opinion as well. They fed him nicely which he liked but they also kept him drugged which wasn't so great but it seemed he didn't have a choice. He didn't really remember when or how he got there but it had been a bit of time now, though the days seemed to run together some of the times.

Luckily he is allowed out and about and he quite liked being out amongst other and interacting with them. Jack liked people and liked being among them. No one knew when, how, or if they were going to get out but sometimes, Jack didn't care. He was feeling good.

Very very goood.

For now at least.

Dec. 11th, 2009


Storming the Castle [Elle, later Harley]

Crowley stood at the base of the castle with an expression on his face that might have been interpreted as a smile were it on anyone else. On him it just appeared predatory. In a way, he supposed, it was. This castle, this entire experience was like prey to him. He and Elle had come here with the explicit purpose of causing trouble. Big trouble. Epic trouble.

They were going to take on a building whose base was strong. )

Oct. 14th, 2009


Queen? Seriously? (open)

Elle was mad, more than that, she was downright pissed off. The City had decided to have a Queen and it totally wasn't her! That made no sense. If anyone should have been Queen it should have been her! She had all the right qualifications. She was good with people. She was powerful. She could get people to listen and win a war.

And she was good with money and... A lot of things like that, things Queens should be good at.

This Harley girl. Well if the city didn't appreciate Elle, then she'd forget about the City.

She started small. She blew up a few wires which caused some power outages. Then she welded a whole bunch of doors shut and locked the owners and customers of some stores, bars, and apartments inside.

Now she was in the park staring at the pond. Staring at the ducks IN the pond. A little shock to send them flying away forever? Or to kill some poor defenseless duck?

Her father would not be pleased, but if it was something the city loved.. Then why not? Who would really stop her?

Aug. 14th, 2009


Hail to the Queen, baby! (open to everybody)

Harley draped herself over the throne casually. As though it was every day she sat on an actual throne. In a throne room. In her very own castle! )

May. 18th, 2009


Issues - You Name 'Em (Open)

The list of people within the City that had powers was growing everyday. She could observe them without them seeing her for the most part, and they didn't seem to want to hide the fact that they had powers. Some of them could be dangerous. She worried that if the rest of the Company followed her into the City they wouldn't stand a chance against the group of people with powers here. She needed to find a way to get around the fact that there were too many of her own kind out there, or find a way to recruit some of them to help her should the need arise to stop them. She was sure if there were ten of the goodie-goods out there, there were at least 5 bad guys out there too. The city was small enough but she hadn't seen anyone she recognized.

She wondered if any of them were out there. If Nathan, Peter, Claire, Sylar, Mohinder, or any of them had made it here yet. Her father hadn't. Every time she called his cell it was just a disconnected number. it began to bother her so much she started to talk to the disconnected line. Talking to daddy made everything better, and worse at once. He'd yell at her and he wasn't even there. Scolding her for becoming infatuated with a man enough to ignore her duty for a few days. Wanting desperately to go back to that same man and have more fun caused another round of yelling from her not-even-there father.

Daddy issues? You bet. )

Mar. 12th, 2009


In the aftermath (Elle)

How many days had passed?

Jesse and Elle had ended up back at his apartment, in bed. He'd known that they would. They way that the Cupid thing seemed to infect people led to instant love. Not just lust. Lust was different. Lust, people could control better. Logic could still seep through. But love, you wanted to give yourself over completely.

Mere hours after they'd arrived, spent some time together, the feeling had worn off. There was no longer that love there. But it didn't mean that Jesse had any intention of kicking Elle out. She was pretty, she was sassy. She was a strong woman. And as long as she was into it, it was absolutely no issue for Jesse to continue either.

She was a female, he was a male.

Made all the sense in the world to him.

Of course, he was waiting for her to realize that they weren't in love with each other anymore. He stood in the kitchen, wearing only pants, making coffee. Sooner or later, since she was alone and not being ravaged again and again to keep her mind off of it, her mind was going to get to wandering, and she was going to figure it out.

What would she say then? How would she take it? Blame him? Be embarrassed? Hate herself, hate him, hate them both? Claim she'd wanted no part of it? Of course all the bad things went through his head. He was a preacher. It had been taught into him to think that the world was a dismal place filled with vile things.

Maybe it wouldn't be all that bad.

Feb. 16th, 2009


Spark of Love (Jesse - Cupid Challenge)

Elle was enjoying the city. Sure, it could be really boring and frustrating with all the moving around. But so far she'd met some interesting people along the way. Peitro and Crowley were interesting guys. Now all she needed to do was establish the company here and recuit. Crowley would help, she knew he would. He wanted to stir up trouble, she could see it in his eyes. He just needed convincing. Elle was walking out of the coffee shop, drinking from a clear plastic container some yummy lemonade. Pink. Red.

Damn it was Valentine's day wasn't it? Elle passed by a group of women, all carrying some kind of gift. Elle noticed the balloon first. It had to go. With a point and a small spark of electricity it popped, and crackled. Elle kept walking, hiding a giggle.

She hated Valentine's day. Who did she have to celebrate it with anyway? People at the company didn't give her flowers, or candies, or anything stupid like that. Still.

Elle was jealous.

She stopped around the corner and pressed her back against the wall, pouting and drinking out of her straw. She wanted a valentine too. She rested one hand at her side and let the little sparks of electricity hit the wall over and over again. Next person with a stuffed animal was going to see the teddy explode and burn.

Jan. 25th, 2009


when the sun goes down (Crowley)

After that insane time in the snow, Elle had just been trying to map her surroundings. Only, everything kept changing. She never starved or got so lost that she couldn't get back to her apartment, but it was infuriating. More than once she'd shocked the hell out of a street sign because they weren't the same as they should have been. What the hell was with this city? Everything changed, nothing stayed the same. When she ate everything in her apartment more food was there. When she thought she was out of money, more would be waiting in her pocket. It made her head hurt at times, and Elle didn't like that.

Now she was lost. More lost than she wanted to be. It was getting dark really quickly. Did she remember this street? Down it she went, only to come face to face with a park. A park of all things. She'd never seen the park before, and instead of turning around (which normally just got her more lost) she headed into it. It seemed pretty deserted. Maybe cut across and find her apartment on the other side. Yeah.

That sounded about right. )

Jan. 15th, 2009


The City was such a Gas! [Snowed In - Billy, Babs]

Elle wasn't a fan of snow, or water in general when it wasn't in shower or pool form. Rain made it hard for her to do things she liked to do, and snow was just as bothersome. Right now she wanted the comforts, small they may be, of her own personal apartment. She had meant to try and call the company, but what her cellphone did not allow was those calls. Apparently she was nowhere and somewhere at the same time. The snow kept falling and moving through it was getting to be more than just a feat. She might have to try and swim through it. She tried to melt it with a zap, but since she was a twinge wet from it it just back fired. With a little cry and kept going.

She hated this place now. Hated it. Elle stormed forward, she needed to get inside, and dry and figure this out quick. Survival skills she did have, trained as she was. She missed her father. She only knew one person here and he was a runner. She needed Nathan, or maybe Peter. They could fly. She could use someone who could fly.

Ha, leather uniforms. Made her think of superman rather than the Petrelli's.

Elle finally came face to face, literally, with a glass door. How the hell had she ended up here. She pulled with some difficulty and finally wedged it open enough to make it inside. It looked like a gas station, yes, that was what it was. She pulled the door shut from the cold and let her teeth chatter. She hopped up onto the counter, not wanting to explore yet. No one seemed to be around. Fine. Maybe she'd just light this place on fire. She looked at her hands again, she was still wet. Had to dry first.

The city sucked.

Jan. 2nd, 2009


Welcome to the Neighborhood! (open)

Elle didn't know how she got here and where here was but that didn't make her freak out like it might have made other people freak out. Sure, she didn't know where daddy was, and the company's door had closed behind her and freaking disappeared. But that was no cause to panic. She just needed to find the way out of here, wherever here was. Maybe she was trapped in someones mind. Yeah, someone had that ability, she'd read that on a file. It could be, but there were a ton of people here. A ton of people. Elle stood there watching as the milled around like everyday normal people. This wasn't a nightmare or anything strange like that. Elle started off to look for the answer to where she was. Coming across a paper on the crowd she picked it up.

The City.

What city?

It didn't say what city. )