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Mar. 1st, 2013


Shadows of Flight (OPEN)

Jonathan grinned as Nightmare whinnied, pulling his burlap mask down over his face, fading into even blacker darkness as Scarecrow slid forward, a manic giggle spreading through the eternal night as he twirled his scythe, kicking Nightmare into action.

The horse eagerly leap forward, heading for the bridge that separated Arkham from the rest of the City, the horse just as eager as her masters to play in the night. It had been a while since Scarecrow got a chance to fully play, not even allowed to back in Gotham due to business matters at hand (such as running and hiding from the Batman), but the night was theirs and they were free.

Jonathan had given the toxin gas to Joker to play with, the clown running off with it and hiding in places unknown, however, he had not turned over the serum bottles, nor the powder, and both were currently with Scarecrow as he headed down a street, debating just how much chaos he wanted to cause.

He wanted the city to scream.

Feb. 26th, 2013


So, that happened? (Elena, Sam)

Fred seemed to have relaxed a little since she was finally let out. The lights weren't coming on, and she was a little concerned. Yet, the City seemed to be working normal other than that. It was probably another test. She was aware enough, remembered enough, to know that the City liked to test the captives.

She had bought the cop, who was pretending to be her friend out on the town, a cupcake on the mayor's dime. Fred didn't have any dimes, so she was agreeing to borrow a few of the mayor's. She would pay it back because those dimes were more the City's dimes than the mayor's? Plus, it was her friend Jack, not the mayor who was letting her borrow the dimes. But, a few dimes to get a nice woman who was working a strange shift by guarding a near nobody a cupcake wouldn't hurt, right?

The plan had been to get more clothes, some shoes, some night things. The quick trip out with Jack had gotten her enough to cover two days if that. There was only so much washing clothes should take after all.

"Thank you, Caroline. I really appreciate-" Anything else she was going to say was cut off as something bum rushed the brainy female, taking her away into a poorly lit alley. Caroline who had drawn her guy was the next attacked and whisked down the alleyway.

Dec. 20th, 2012


Popping the question (Elena)

Damon had done his best to get the place set up right for this. He had decorated the house for Christmas, putting up a tree. There were small tea lights all over the house and bunches of flowers scattered all around the house too. He was wearing a Santa hat and there was mistletoe over the front of the door, and a Christmas wreath on the front door. He was actually pretty nervous about asking her. What if she said no? What if it made her realise that she didn't want to be with him, that she couldn't picture spending her life with him. But there was also excitement, because there was a chance, just the slightest chance that she might say yes. Now he just had to wait for her to come home so that he could ask her.

Dec. 16th, 2012


Girls Night Out (Elena and Enigma...Open to Bruce and Damon later on)

Elena couldn't believe she had managed to make friends with the woman Damon had slept with before she got here. Not only that Elena had met her because she caught the two of them kissing, but for some reason she found herself making friends with her none the less. She wasn't really sure how it had came about, but she had decided not to fight it for now. She knew that the two of them getting along would be better for Damon, and she wanted to do that for him. And to be honest she kind of liked Enigma. Her spunk had been an instant feature that struck with Elena's on stubborn streak. It seemed like the two of them might actually have a good shot at being real friends, so Elena had offered to have a girl's Night out with her. Maybe the two of them could bond some more and learn more about each other. It couldn't hurt, right? Elena had finished getting ready. Her black mini dress hung perfectly to her body and her black stilettos suited her perfectly. The make-up she wore highlighted her best features and the black leather jacket she wore matched the dress nicely. Her long black hair hung down her back. She checked herself in the mirror one more time before she headed downstairs.

She made sure to kiss Damon goodbye before heading out the door. She strutted down the sidewalk; one of the bonuses of being a vampire the heels didn't bother her feet at all. She had planned to meet Enigma at one of the malls they had found, so that is where she headed now. It didn't take her long to get there. She ignored the men that whistled at her as she passed them. She had gotten used to it by now, so she didn't really care. She finally made her way to the mall, and headed on inside and towards the food court. It seemed like the best place to meet, so she found herself a place to sit at one of the tables and waited patiently for her to arrive.

She leaned back in her seat and watched the people as they passed. Elena wasn't impressed with most of them, but that wasn't a shock for her. She knew a lot of people back home and none of these people seemed to live up to them.

Dec. 2nd, 2012


Opening Night: Carmen (Open to All)

After weeks of practice and fine-tuning, the newest performance opened at the City Opera House. Unlike before, the star diva was Enigma, in the title role. Another bright point of the evening came from the inventive interpretation of the classical score from Dr. Hannibal Lecter, on piano.

Again, Opening Night came with its victory gala at the end of the performance. Again, the featured stars invited special guests, and again, the City Opera provided complimentary tickets to one Ms. Lois Lane and the City Mayor (plus 1, naturally). But the performance and gala were also open to all. And as the performance came to a close, the gala sprung to life downstairs in the Grand Foyer.

Dec. 1st, 2012


Taking Revenge (Damon, Open to Elena)

Warning: Adult Content - Sexual Situations

It had taken two hours to track down the man she was intent on finding, but soon she spotted him and Marcus puled the car all the way onto the sidewalk, blocking Damon's forward motion before stepping out, moving around the car to open Enigma's door. She stepped out, all fire and fury, still injured in several places from her fight with Hulk.

She pulled out her handgun, being very obvious as she loaded a clip of wooden bullets into it, pulling back the slide and aiming down the sights and firing, watching as the projectile tore into Damon's thigh. She stalked closer, her heels making angry clicks as she stood over him. “Is there a reason that you felt compelled to inform my boyfriend we fucked?” she snarled, reading another round.

She was tired, stressed out, sore and pissed off...and Damon was the perfect person to take it all out on, considering it was his big mouth that got her into this mess.

Nov. 29th, 2012


Elena's Arrival/Finding Damon

Elena had already been through all levels of hell over the past few weeks, and now here she was in a strange place all on her own. She had never been the type to cower and hide in a corner though; she liked to face things head on. So, she decided to head out and do some exploring while she could. She changed into her dark black jeans, a white tshirt and her black jacket. Her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had on her tennis shoes just in case she did have to run from something or chase something. Of course being a vampire meant she had the super speed going for her, but she preferred to be comfortable when she was doing something like this. Her eyes pondered over the city as she walked, and she found herself mesmerized by the sites she was seeing. Being from a smaller town like Mystic Falls and not having traveled much she hadn't seen a lot of cities like this one. Of course she passed people and things on the street, and it made it hard on her with the thirst, but she was able to push it down for the moment. She rushed past a larger group of people and headed down a dark alley, figuring that at least down here she might actually get some peace and quiet.

Of course her hopes were short lived; there was some men in the alley gambling with dice. She tried to walk past them, but one of them noticed her and started to move in her direction with an eerie smirk on his face. Of course she noticed him presence instantly just because of the smell, so she starting moving faster. Unfortunately he kept following her, so she dunked into one the buildings she was passing and pulled something heavier than he could lift in front of the door. She started exploring the building, making sure to keep her eyes out for anyone else. She knew that if a fight were to break out in her she would actually have to fight or show what she really was in order to get away. She didn't like feeling this closed in, but for the moment she was safe and that would have to do.

As she explored she noticed that the building was completely empty, so she walked over to a section in the room and plopped down on the floor. She was determined not to let all of this get to her, so she just took in a deep breath and laid back on the floor to give her mind time to take all of this in.