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Jan. 14th, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow, let it..oh you get the idea (Snowed In:Angel, Cameron, Lyra)

The snow was really quite lovely, it was also nearly the only thing that reminded her of home. Everything here was so strange, carriages that ran themselves without benefit of horses, people who dressed in so little as to be parading around in their underclothes and yet it was not remarked on. Women of grown age with hair as short as a man's.
It was simply not at all what she was used to but this, the falling white, it was like home. At least at first it had been. It just kept falling. Marian had taken to the street when she had trouble opening her door, she walked down the road, soon having to trudge through banks of snow up to her shin. Everywhere looked as blanketed in white as everywhere else and soon enough she could not tell from which direction she had come.
All these buildings looked so similar, with the temperature dropping and no end to the snowfall she had no choice but to seek refuge somewhere. By the time she fought her way up the steps to the nearest door the snow had piled knee deep. She had to shovel it away with her hands just to get to the door properly, leaving quite the trail behind her in the mounds of white.
Marian swung the door open calling out to the interior. "Hello? Please forgive the intrusion, but ...I simply must come in from the cold. I will not misuse your hospitality for long." Marian stamped the snow off her shoes and shook it from her heavy woolen cloak. She stepped deeper into the home and was delighted to find a blanket draped over a chair. Used to harsh winters Marian wrapped herself up and curled up in the chair, eyes peering out the window, yet more of that expensive clear glass that seemed everywhere. Beyond the pane the snow continued to fall.

Dec. 21st, 2008


Holiday Shenanigans GROUP ONE

You're all handcuffed together in a circle, facing outward. Handcuffs can't be broken, but there's a key taped to the ceiling. The floor below is metal grating that leads to a bottomless pit. Every two hours the grating retracts half an inch away from the wall.

Note: Hours are not real time hours


Donna's arrival [Dr. Horrible]

The first thing Donna noticed between coughs and gasps for fresh air was that it had suddenly become freezing compared to the flames warmth on the TARDIS. The next was that she wasn't actually on the TARDIS anymore. Picking herself up from the ground, she brushed the snow off of herself and took a few more deep breaths as her eyes scanned the area she was in. None of her surroundings looked familiar but she could only hope that this was The Doctor's solution to stalling the Daleks attack. With a shiver, she wrapped her arms around herself to get some warmth and took a few steps to the right when she spotted a man. "Excuse me, do you know where I am?" she asked.

Peering at Donna, the man studied her for a moment and replied, "The City."

Her arms dropped as she rolled her eyes before letting them land on the man again. "The City? Oh, great. Thanks for the specifics. I think I can see I'm in a bloody city, but WHICH one?"

Resuming on his way, the man called back over his shoulder, "You'll learn soon enough."

"Thanks for all the help, pal!" Donna called, returning her arms around herself for extra warmth. Turning to look around once more, she decided it couldn't hurt to do what she always did when she got stuck or needed help in a situation like this. Taking a deep breath, she hoped no one would think she actually needed medical attention. "DOCTOR!"