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Jul. 25th, 2013


Finding Hope Again (Damon)

"Mrs. Banner, there is a Damon Salvatore downstairs to see you" Jarvis' voice made Effie jump, a curse slipping from her lips as she dropped her wrench and several nuts.

"Don't call me that," she muttered under her breath as she tugged down her dress, straightening from the miniature robot she had been working on. She then blinked slowly, staring at the wall. "Who's Damon Salvatore?"

The name was familiar in the way Jarvis was, but she couldn't place it.

"He is a friend of yours, Ms. Nashton."

"Ooo, let him up!" she said brightly, eager to meet...well, re meet a friend. As she waited for Damon to come up to the apartment, she started making small finger sandwiches, the manners her mother and grandmother taught her kicking in. It wouldn't do to let a guest go hungry!

May. 12th, 2013


Riddle's End (Enigma/Bruce/Damon Log)

Bruce got an alert on his own watch that Enigma was in trouble. What that girl had gotten herself into this time Bruce wasn't exactly sure. He had programmed her watch to alert him when things happened to make her heart beat irregularly, such as trouble or the fact that she might be dying. With her, that didn't seem too invasive considering all the trouble she seemed to get into. It was the least he could do, as well, in efforts to protect her.

The time it went off was about the time the gun fight started, which caused Bruce to set down his tools and check the watch for the beep. It was coming from the warehouse. Bruce hated that place. It held a lot of memories from the past, but he had been in too many altercations there for it to hold any more fondness.

Bruce got up and took the stairs, heading down to the garage where the cars were kept. Usually he didn't like to drive, or be in vehicles at all, but he chose a convertible. It was faster and Enigma might be in danger. He couldn't take any chances.

He started the car with a set of keys from the box they were in, and drove out of the garage and onto the street. It didn't take long for Bruce to reach the warehouse and he stopped the car in front, getting out in a hurry. He could see small splatters of blood on the concrete and sidewalk. This was already beginning to not look good.

Riddle's End )

Apr. 15th, 2013


The Wedding of the Century (Open to those invited)

(Note: Due to the fact the Nigma Family cannot have a scene without being drama llamas, this opening is gigantic...enjoy!)

“People usually knock, Daddy,” Enigma said, watching her father’s entrance in her dressing table mirror before standing, her robe falling down onto the bench as she did. Where most people would feel uncomfortable being around a parent in their under clothes, the idea never bothered Enigma, having long lost any sense of shame beofre she met Edward again, and certainly lost it after sharing the back of a van as their living space for a month before they found a decent warehouse to crash in.

She pulled the comb from her hair, her long, brown curls cascading down her back as she looked at him fully. “Come to help me into my dress, or am I still waiting for Di and Elena?”

The Wedding of the Century )

Mar. 1st, 2013


Shadows of Flight (OPEN)

Jonathan grinned as Nightmare whinnied, pulling his burlap mask down over his face, fading into even blacker darkness as Scarecrow slid forward, a manic giggle spreading through the eternal night as he twirled his scythe, kicking Nightmare into action.

The horse eagerly leap forward, heading for the bridge that separated Arkham from the rest of the City, the horse just as eager as her masters to play in the night. It had been a while since Scarecrow got a chance to fully play, not even allowed to back in Gotham due to business matters at hand (such as running and hiding from the Batman), but the night was theirs and they were free.

Jonathan had given the toxin gas to Joker to play with, the clown running off with it and hiding in places unknown, however, he had not turned over the serum bottles, nor the powder, and both were currently with Scarecrow as he headed down a street, debating just how much chaos he wanted to cause.

He wanted the city to scream.

Feb. 3rd, 2013


Going to see a friend (Enigma and later Bruce)

Damon felt bad for not having given his friend attention that he should have in the past few weeks. He had been busy spending his time with Elena, and making some preparations for their wedding. Still, Enigma was one of the few friends that he had here and he didn't want to lose her. He stopped in a jewelry store before he went to her place with Bruce, knowing how much she moved jewelry. He got her a necklace with a large diamond on it and then he walked to where he assumed she would be with the little box in his hand and rang the doorbell.

Dec. 30th, 2012


Healing Touch (Damon and Bruce)

Marcus looked down at the tiny robot with him, before rolling his eyes. He was playing a robot. Lovely.

He pulled the car over to the curb outside Damon and Elena's house, going around to the passenger side and opening the door, lifting Timmy out and onto the sidewalk, guarding the mini metal child as he zoomed up to the door. Timmy knocked, while Marcus pressed the buzzer Timmy couldn't reach.

The little robot waited, holding a large bouquet of flowers that Enigma had told him to bring for Elena, humming contently. His mama was going to get better!

Dec. 20th, 2012


Popping the question (Elena)

Damon had done his best to get the place set up right for this. He had decorated the house for Christmas, putting up a tree. There were small tea lights all over the house and bunches of flowers scattered all around the house too. He was wearing a Santa hat and there was mistletoe over the front of the door, and a Christmas wreath on the front door. He was actually pretty nervous about asking her. What if she said no? What if it made her realise that she didn't want to be with him, that she couldn't picture spending her life with him. But there was also excitement, because there was a chance, just the slightest chance that she might say yes. Now he just had to wait for her to come home so that he could ask her.


Unexpected shopping trip (Enigma)

(Takes place before Joker gets her)

Damon knew that Elena didn't need a wedding. They were vampires, they would live forever, there would be no growing old together, no having children together, they both loved each other and wanted to spend eternity with each other. But deep down he knew that Elena was still the kind of girl who had dressed of that prefect wedding day since she was a little girl, so he decided that that was one dream he could actually make happen. He just hoped he was the kind of man that she could imagine herself marrying. He went to the jewelry store and his eyes scanned over the wide variety of engagement rings that were on offer. He wanted to get her someone a little original, but something he knew she would love. And then he spotted it. The pink diamond stone with the small band of diamonds on it. "Can I see that one?" he asked the attendant, pointing to the ring.

Dec. 2nd, 2012


Opening Night: Carmen (Open to All)

After weeks of practice and fine-tuning, the newest performance opened at the City Opera House. Unlike before, the star diva was Enigma, in the title role. Another bright point of the evening came from the inventive interpretation of the classical score from Dr. Hannibal Lecter, on piano.

Again, Opening Night came with its victory gala at the end of the performance. Again, the featured stars invited special guests, and again, the City Opera provided complimentary tickets to one Ms. Lois Lane and the City Mayor (plus 1, naturally). But the performance and gala were also open to all. And as the performance came to a close, the gala sprung to life downstairs in the Grand Foyer.

Dec. 1st, 2012


Taking Revenge (Damon, Open to Elena)

Warning: Adult Content - Sexual Situations

It had taken two hours to track down the man she was intent on finding, but soon she spotted him and Marcus puled the car all the way onto the sidewalk, blocking Damon's forward motion before stepping out, moving around the car to open Enigma's door. She stepped out, all fire and fury, still injured in several places from her fight with Hulk.

She pulled out her handgun, being very obvious as she loaded a clip of wooden bullets into it, pulling back the slide and aiming down the sights and firing, watching as the projectile tore into Damon's thigh. She stalked closer, her heels making angry clicks as she stood over him. “Is there a reason that you felt compelled to inform my boyfriend we fucked?” she snarled, reading another round.

She was tired, stressed out, sore and pissed off...and Damon was the perfect person to take it all out on, considering it was his big mouth that got her into this mess.

Nov. 29th, 2012


Elena's Arrival/Finding Damon

Elena had already been through all levels of hell over the past few weeks, and now here she was in a strange place all on her own. She had never been the type to cower and hide in a corner though; she liked to face things head on. So, she decided to head out and do some exploring while she could. She changed into her dark black jeans, a white tshirt and her black jacket. Her long black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she had on her tennis shoes just in case she did have to run from something or chase something. Of course being a vampire meant she had the super speed going for her, but she preferred to be comfortable when she was doing something like this. Her eyes pondered over the city as she walked, and she found herself mesmerized by the sites she was seeing. Being from a smaller town like Mystic Falls and not having traveled much she hadn't seen a lot of cities like this one. Of course she passed people and things on the street, and it made it hard on her with the thirst, but she was able to push it down for the moment. She rushed past a larger group of people and headed down a dark alley, figuring that at least down here she might actually get some peace and quiet.

Of course her hopes were short lived; there was some men in the alley gambling with dice. She tried to walk past them, but one of them noticed her and started to move in her direction with an eerie smirk on his face. Of course she noticed him presence instantly just because of the smell, so she starting moving faster. Unfortunately he kept following her, so she dunked into one the buildings she was passing and pulled something heavier than he could lift in front of the door. She started exploring the building, making sure to keep her eyes out for anyone else. She knew that if a fight were to break out in her she would actually have to fight or show what she really was in order to get away. She didn't like feeling this closed in, but for the moment she was safe and that would have to do.

As she explored she noticed that the building was completely empty, so she walked over to a section in the room and plopped down on the floor. She was determined not to let all of this get to her, so she just took in a deep breath and laid back on the floor to give her mind time to take all of this in.

Nov. 26th, 2012


Inside knowledge....(Damon)

(This is set after Enigma and Bruce move into Stark Tower)

The Opera house seemed to be the one place that kept drawing Bruce back, there was something about it that was magical, and it captured his attention every time he passed by it. Opera was something, one of the few things actually, that could pull his mind out of his work, and that was actually a good thing, considering how lost and caught up he could get when he was involved in a project. The fact that his girlfriend was a performer here helped as well, when it came to dropping by unexpectedly. He quite enjoyed the walk from the lab to wherever the opera chose to be that day, as the weather was typically mild which made for a pleasant trip. He didn't use public transportation of any kind, nor was the idea of being in a vehicle such as a car too appealing, so he avoided that at all costs if he could. He didn't like the enclosed feeling.

He stood around in the lobby area, really for no particular reason, taking a moment to get out of his lab at Stark Towers, to really experience the day for what it was. If he ran into Enigma, or Christine, that would be fine with him too, as seeing either of them would obviously be a bonus to what has started out to be a wonderful day. There were people everywhere, almost as if the city itself were trying to prove how alive it really was by living vicariously through all of its citizens in that moment. Bruce was okay with that, he couldn't complain now that he fully understood what the city actually was about. It was odd, that a city could be alive, but he couldn't do anything about it so he just dealt with it. It wasn't worth arguing over, he had no control over that.

His brown eyes shimmered with the lights that flashed down onto an advertisement of Carmen, the next performance being soon, something he'd have to attend when he had time. It wasn't like he didn't have tickets, Enigma had given him some before they'd even gotten remotely serious, and so he could go whenever he pleased, which he definitely would. He stood there, amidst the crowd, hands deep in the pockets of his khaki pants, the soles of his soft shoes not making a sound against the rug beneath his feet. He wore a light blue button up shirt, the sleeves rolled causally up to his elbows, and though it looked similar in style to what he always wore, he fabric was much nicer, and of course he had Tony to that for that. Tony had given him so much, and he was very thankful. He was going to have to do something nice for him in return, perhaps make him something unique in the lab, that is if Jarvis could keep it a secret. There wasn't much that Tony hadnt already invented or thought of, but Bruce liked a challenge, it kept his brain on its toes, and that was when he did his best work.

He pulled his gaze from the poster of Carmen and glanced around at the faces in the foyer of the opera house, not really seeing anyone he knew. That was okay, his schedule was rather flexible and he still didn't know everyone in this place. It was a large city, he couldn't know everyone there. It was impossible.

Nov. 18th, 2012


Opera Greetings (Damon)

[ooc: Backdated to before Enigma thread. Apologies for taking so long to put this up]

As much as Christine knew she should practice with Erik she liked to come and sing within the Opera House whenever she had a moment. It gave her a chance to rehearse in the proper surroundings. Sing with the acoustics just right. After all, how would she know how her voice sounded if she did not practice where it would be mostly put to use? If she would be able to carry each note efficiently. Lucky for her, she was allowed in and out of the Opera House whenever she wished so she did not have to request or set a time in advance. She had been able to arrive when she wanted to and go from there.

She was not sure how long she had spent within the beautiful building but soon it was time to leave. Had she not noticed she would have easily spent all night there. At least until someone came to tell her she had to leave so they could lock up. But it seemed she did not have to worry about that sort of thing as she was ready to go before they requested. Long before they had to anyway. She took a fair drink of water then left the room she had been practising in.

Once she arrived into the main entrance area she spotted a man alone, other than a few people walking around of course. The woman meant to hold place at the box office seemed otherwise engaged so Christine took it upon herself to welcome him. “Is everything okay, Sir?"

Nov. 15th, 2012


Exploring his new home, take 2 (Tinker Bell)

Damon hadn't achieved the exploring he had planned to since he had gotten distracted by Enigma. She had provided him with just the kind of distraction that he needed to make him forget about Elena for a few minutes. Of course, it wasn't like he hadn't started thinking about Elena again shortly after his encounter with the redhead. A few hours of meaningless fun wasn't going to change the way that he loved Elena. But being stuck here meant he had no chance of making an impression on the gorgeous brunette that might make her consider him as anything more than Stefan's brother.

He needed to get out and clear his thoughts. Living in his head wouldn't get him anywhere, and he couldn't help the fact that he was stuck here. He set out again to explore the city, again with no particular destination in mind. He stayed away from the street where he'd met Enigma, since he'd already seen enough of that street and it wouldn't be anything new for him to explore. He really did need to get a better idea of his surrounding if he was going to be stuck here.

Nov. 12th, 2012


Exploring his new home(Enigma - High rating)

Damon had almost died. In a painful manner. He was certain that it was all over when he had been bitten by the werewolf and when the brutal affects had started to take over his body. And he had finally told Elena how he truly felt. That he loved her. And this time she remembered. He was sure that she had known how he felt for a while now, but telling her could leave no doubt in her mind. But of course Stefan had to be Stefan and refuse to let him die. And the cost was making a deal with the devil, so to speak, in the form of Klaus. And Elena had been left distraught, searching for his brother as best she could. And he had helped her. Because he felt guilty. Guilty for being the reason for Elena's unhappiness, guilty that Stefan had had to make a deal with Klaus to save his life, but most of all, guilty that part of him wanted to take advantage of the fact that Stefan was gone to show Elena what she could have if she chose to be with him, what he could do to protect her, with everything that he had.

But it wasn't to be. No, he'd ended up in some strange new place that he couldn't figure out how to escape. It seemed almost like a punishment to him for taking advantage of the situation when he was the reason for the situation. Still, if he was stuck here, he might as well get used to the place and find his way around it. So that is what he planned to do. He had a pretty good sense of direction, he'd had a long time to develop one. So he set out, walking in no particular direction because he had no particular destination to reach.